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S/O AC (yes, again)

Would you find it to be a deal breaker if your DCP didn't have air conditioning? A girl on my month board is outraged that her day care (at someone's house) doesn't have this. She lived in Maryland. 


I think this is a little bit silly. AC is a nice convenience, but certainly not a necessity.  

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Re: S/O AC (yes, again)

  • I would think that in Maryland it would be a necessity.  It gets a bit hotter down there I believe.  
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  • I don't know... down there it can get pretty hot. I mean, it's not Texas or Florida, but the summers are still pretty sticky. My cousins used to live there (near DC) and we would go visit a lot during summer break... it was always so hot. We lived in the pool. I remember it being near 100 degrees some visits.

    I guess it would depend on the house too. I know my house gets unbearably hot in the summer... we have no trees/shade. My parents house is always much cooler. They have large trees in both the back and front yard, plus there always seems to be a nice breeze. 

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    It can get pretty hot in some parts of MD. I'd be concerned about how warm the person's house would get during the day, and what she did to keep the children comfortable, especially infants.
  • DS's preschool just got A/C put into the building this year. He started there in September, so we missed the heat last year. They spend a lot of time outside in the summer with water activities, so they were indoors mostly in the summer to eat and nap only.

    The preschool is highly rated, and my pediatrician's kids went there. I'm assuming they didn't have many complaints to last this long without it. Its been open for years and years. It wasn't a deal breaker for us, but I'm really happy they got it!

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  • lurking today but had to butt in :)

    I live just outside of DC and it is HOT here. Today our heat index is 110. Even when it's 80 here it's a hotter 80 than in NY. I was just visiting and 83 was so comfy in NY but when we got here it was 85 and so uncomfortable. Humidity and lack of breeze/wind hurts us. So yes, I do believe no AC would be a dealbreaker for me and my future kiddos. 

  • It would be a deal breaker for me....

  • While it does get very hot in MD, I wouldn't think it would be a deal breaker. If she was so concerned about it she should have asked before signing a contract with the DCP. Not everyone can afford A/C, and I bet it isn't a license requirement.

    I grew up without having A/C.....we used a lot of fans. I was fine, my baby brothers were fine.

    Do I have my home cooled down to 74 degrees today? Yes, but if I didn't we would find ways to keep cool!

  • I probably would expect it, especially further south.  A room unit doesn't cost much, I would think at least something to make hot days more comfortable.  Also, a lot of my DD's classmates have bad allergies, and the a/c is pretty much necessary.
  • Yep - I probably would go elsewhere. We never had it growing up - but we lived in a very shaded area in NYS, not Maryland. Maybe the sitter's house doesn't really need it either - but if gets above 80 (esp in the aft nap time and if her baby sleeps upstairs) ...I can see her issue. But DUH on her for not checking...
  • I guess it just never occurred to me that it would be something you ask from DCP. Yea, I like AC but my parents still don't have it in their house (not even a window unit, like I have now). I mean, I don't have it, and I am ok with keeping DD home, so I wouldn't make a requirement than someone who is caring for her have it either. But I guess thats just me...
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  • Honestly, YES. I don't even like taking Eve to my MILs house on really hot summer days because she doesn't have AC.
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