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Busy Day in L&D

I always loved reading the birth stories to get by at work and now that I'm back at work, I wanted to give someone else the chance to read one.  It may not be exciting, but the result has been truly beautiful for me.

At 39 weeks I was pulled out of work because my blood pressure was elevated during my regular appointment.  I was nervous about my internal exam by a male doctor (stupid I know) and it showed on the blood pressure monitor.  After the exam (0% dialated, 25% effaced) Dr. P gave me a choice.  He said, go for an NST or get induced tonight.  As much as I wanted to meet my little bean, I decided to give her a chance to come on her own because I truly believed the blood pressure was due to my anxiety. 

Well I made the right choice because 3 NSTs later and 7 days of home monitoring, it was my 40 week appointment.  Being nervous again, my blood pressure was up!  The second doctor in the practice, Dr. J, set up my induction for the following day.  She told me to come to L&D at 8am the next morning.

5am rolled around and I received a call from L&D saying, don't bother to come in.  All the beds were booked.  They had a non stop night!  I was advised to call back at 10am.  Of course I couldn't sleep anymore and my biggest concern of the day (shallow I know) was what to eat so I would not poop on the table while pushing!  I had to eat very light.

I called in at 10am and the beds were all full again!  A little back and forth and finally at 3pm I got the go ahead to come in for an induction at 5pm.  We arrived at the hospital at 4:45pm on April 13th.  As I walked in the door, a woman was being rushed back in a wheel chair.  I turned to my husband and said, "I bet she took the last bed."  When it was my turn to check in the receptionist confirmed my fears.  The woman in labor was rushed in at 10cm practically pushing and indeed she was in the last avaliable bed.  I assumed I'd be sent home but I was assured that a few women who had given birth within the hour would shortly be transfered to the mother baby recovery unit and they could clean and clear a room for me.  I said I would certainly wait.  At 9pm they took me to a room and we got started.

 I had 4 rounds of cervedill with absolutely no progress.  In the morning around 7am I was talking to DH and my water broke.  I called the nurse and was told it was not AF but was my plug.  Yeah right.  I did not belive it for a second.  The contractions came then.  They came fast and they came hard.  Within 3 hours they were coming every 3 min or so and it hurt, ouch!  The third doctor in my practice, Dr. S, suggested she break my water and then I could grab a shower.  Well upon further investigation- my water had broken earlier, just as I'd suspected.

Once in the shower I started throwing up violently and breathing through the contractions.  I was checked and boo, only 2 cm!  I was offered an epi and I accepted.  I had no type of preference before labor and when I felt the contractions and found out I would have so far to go, I thought it would be lovely.  The epi came quick and took excellently.  I was able to move my legs and feel my feet but no more pain.  I took a nap which was much needed.  The best part was the cath because for the first time in 6 months, I didn't have to pee.

When the epi wore off, I was checked again and was 4cm.  My epi was redosed and pitocin was started and I got another wonderful nap.  I woke up 2 hours later with increasing pain.  The epi was now gone gone gone.  I was checked and holy cow, 10 cm!  I was redosed with a tiny tiny bit to take the edge off until I felt the urge to push.  I started pushing about 10 min later with Dr. S and the nurse and my husband.  After two hours of pushing and a nurse change (shifts were ending) the new nurse started screaming at me to stop pushing.  She ran and got Dr. P- Dr. S had left for the day also!  He came in and suited up.  I kept telling DH, "I'm not pushing, I promise I'm not pushing."

After a few more pushes, I felt the novicane needle and then the big snip.  DH almost threw up.  Then out she flew like a super hero with one arm raised above her head!  The popped her up on my chest and I told her "Happy Birthday!" while I was stitched etc.  After nearly 15 min I looked up and asked if everything was okay because Dr. P was still stitching and the nurses were fooling around with my IV etc.  Apparently there was some massive hem and bleeding.  Everything is quite okay now, healed and happy.

Jane was born April 14 2011 at 7:31pm.  She was 7lbs 2 oz and 20 3/4 inches long.  We had a hard few weeks right after.  Lots of crying by both of us, no sleeping, baby blues, and some nights I'd rather not remember but each day gets easier.

Sorry this was so long.  The labor seemed fast when I look back on it.  It was hard but I would not have changed it at all.  Had it been different, I wouldn't have my bean just the way she is.

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