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My doctor told me to drink coffee

I had a doctor appointment this past Friday, and I mentioned that I had been having headaches off an on for the past week and a half. She suggested that I drink coffee semi-regularly and couple it with acetaminophen when a headache strikes. She explained the some of the latest data coming in is showing that small amounts of caffeine, even consumed on a daily basis, is quite benign during pregnancy. I'd read pretty much the same thing but thought I would just cut it out completely when I started TTC. Come to find out it's actually doctor-recommended. Anyone else's doctor say the same thing?

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Re: My doctor told me to drink coffee

  • I love coffee.. I need your Dr. to be my Dr. Smile
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  • Mine did. I'd been having a lot of headaches too and my doctor actually told me to take shots of expresso. I'm not am expresso or caffeine person at all, and my headaches have actually gone away at this point, but I do drink coffee drinks every once and a while now to help with the headaches. If the doctor says it's okay, then I'm okay with doing it. I just limit it.
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  • I always like what my doc says regarding most everything.  "You're pregnant...that doesn't mean your life is over.  Keep living and stay within moderation."

    He even spells out how much caffeine is "ok".  300mg is the upper limit.  My caffeine intake pre-pregnancy was nowhere near that.  I have some days where I can't fathom drinking a caffeinated beverage and other days where if I didn't drink caffeine, I wouldn't drink.  I am doing diluted things on those days, though, like half-caffeinated iced tea.  Half caffeine half decaf, that is. 

    Early on I was doing more of a 'don't drink caffeine' thing but then I found that caffeine actually helped me with morning sickness.  I'm cognizant of my intake, but I'm not doing a hard and fast "NO caffeine" - but neither am I doing "ONLY caffeine".  It's all about moderation.


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  • When I first met with my doctor, she said "If you're a coffee drinker, scale back to a cup or two a day - learn the caffeine content on your usual drinks - keep it below 200mg (300mg max) and you'll be fine".

    So that's what I've done and continue to do. I get awful headaches if I go completely without - somedays all I need is like 3/4 of a cup. 

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  • I get migraines and can't take my prescription meds anymore so I drink a little bit of coffee and take tylenol - just as your doctor suggested. However, be careful. Coffee can also be a trigger for migraines so you just have to feel it out.
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  • My dr. told m that I can have caffeine in moderation.
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    I get migraines and can't take my prescription meds anymore so I drink a little bit of coffee and take tylenol - just as your doctor suggested. However, be careful. Coffee can also be a trigger for migraines so you just have to feel it out.

    I wasn't aware coffee can trigger migraines. Now that I am more headache-prone, I will definitely need to watch it. 

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  • They (my ob's office) told me I could drink it in moderation and only like 100-300mg or something like that. I decided to cut it out for myself just to be good. Then Dunkin Donuts the other day gave me a medium regular iced coffee instead of a decaf. I had the jitters ALL day, and the baby had them too, because I felt a lot of flutters that day.


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  • My doctor told me the same thing. I've been having headaches too and she said to take some tylenol and wash it down with some sort of caffeinated beverage. So far it's worked really well but for some reason I still feel slightly guilty to drink it! :)
  • My Dr said from the beginning that a cup of coffee or a can of pop a day was ok (caffiene wise) as long as I was getting enough water. Eventually I got to the point that I couldn't even stand the smell of coffee, but I'd still have the occasional Pepsi. Now that I'm having headaches I'm able to stomach coffee and its helping, but cripes if I drink an entire cup at work thats a lot. I used to drink a cup or two, now maybe a half or 2/3 of one cup. I've never bought coffee (dunkin donuts, starbucks, etc) just had homemade, so I have no idea the caffiene amount, but it's not very strong. It's also helped me with my allergies as I take my benadryl with coffee so I don't fall asleep. 
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