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Yuma Proving Ground

Sorry to do one of these posts but it's mostly a training post so I'm having trouble finding any information.   DH and I will be PCSing there this summer and I am due in December, if anyone has any info on where I would deliver or experience with the clinic there I would appreciate it. 

It's going to be quite the culture shock going from a crowded post like McLewis to YPG.


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Re: Yuma Proving Ground

  • We are stationed here at MCAS Yuma.  The most liked OB/GYN clinic is Woman's Health Specialist.  You will deliver at Yuma Regional Medical Center.  There is an awesome website called YumaMom.com  They are also on Facebook. Feel free to look them up.  You can post questions on the FB or look at the site there is a whole section related to Dr's and Pediatricians.  Very useful stuff!  Welcome to the neighborhood!! I think that you will do a lot of driving into Yuma, but it is really not that bad here.  It is what you make of it.  Have your friends and resources and you are all set!!

    Good Luck and feel free to send me a message back.  I have been here for over 2 years and have a 15 month old dd.


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  • Thank you for the info.  I will look into that site.

    We're excited, it will be a huge change from the overcrowded McLewis but we're ready for a change.

    Big Sisters 2/10 & 12/11
    Little Brother 3/1/18
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