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Morning sickness getting worse?

I've had really bad morning sickness since week 6. With DD it started getting better around 12 weeks and was gone by week 13. Now at 12 weeks it's getting even worse. I'm on Zofran, yet I've been feeling the need to vomit all day yesterday and today. Anyone else had that happen to them where it gets worse??
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Re: Morning sickness getting worse?

  • I starting having all day sickness a week before I was due to get my period.  They gave me Zorfan and it made things worse so I stopped after 2 weeks and it got a little better but still was sick. I have never been this sick with any pregnancies. I found that eating handfuls of frosted mini wheats between meals seem to help. I am still sick :/

    Good luck!

  • Mine seemed to improve last week but has now returned with a vengence - I am 15 weeks five days:-(


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  • I have finally gone one week without puking. I am still nauseated, but at least I'm not vomiting!


    DS 4 years old. Born at 31w4d due to pre-e and HELLP.
    DD 1 year old. Born at 32w1d due to pre-e.
    TTC #3 9/2011.
    Dx: annovulatory cycles. Clotting disorder. First round of Femara 9/12.

  • Mine has gotten worse this week too. Sucks, doesn't it? I just try to picture a healthy baby in my head to get me through it.
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  • Mine has just started to ease up in the last 2 weeks (About  17 weeks). Instead of vomiting every day, it's about every other. I am also on zofran. Bad morning sickness does seem to run in my family, so I guess I just got that gene! 
    After 2 years of TTC, our daughter was born on Oct 31, 2011!
    7lbs 13oz  20 inches long

  • With my first son I had 'morning sickness' the first 2months and the last 2months of my pregnancy. Only thing I could do was eat small, easy-to-digest meals, every couple of hours. And when I couldn't keep that down I was left to stick to almost strictly liquids diet. :/ I also was on Zofran as well as heartburn meds. Docs say it was because DS was up against my stomach and intestines making digestion extremely slow, and that food was getting backed up when I ate too much too fast. Best of luck! I feel for you!
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  • Mine has been horrible this pregnancy I just received my order of bebe-o pre-natels today we will see if it helps :/ Zofran also did not work for me... hope you feel better :)
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