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I just ate breakfast (well an hour ago) but I figured there should be at least one new post a day...

So- what's for lunch?


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Re: wfl?

  • We had vegetarian chile for lunch. :) There's one left over homemade bean burger that I'll likely have for dinner.
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  • A hamburger a that was left over from grilling on Monday and a handful, okay, maybe 2 handfuls of Nut-Thins.
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  • I'm having one of those days... So, I had a fake McRib style sandwich with a few fries and a regular coke.

    Now, I'm just plain feeling guilty about the excess, since it really wasn't worth it.

    Emotional eating, anyone?

  • Leftover baked chicken and an apple. I'm so boring but after being on vacation for a couple weeks this month my body needs healthy food!
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  • I made a weight loss bet with coworker and really, really don't want to lose so I'm trying to be good:

    LUNCH = tuna salad (water-packed with fat free greek yogurt instead of mayo), celery sticks and 1 thin slice homemade bread with 2 tsp splenda jam.

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