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Hi, I'm wondering if anyone is familiar with a good baby photographer, I'm also interested in having my maternity pics.  I'm 30 weeks preganant so I really don't have much time left if anyone could help.


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Re: photographer

  • Hi my very good friend happens to be an excellent photographer in the area. Her website is  She does weddings, maternity, newborns and families. She has her own studio and and can travel. I have had her do about 8 sessions with my 3 year old son. She's wonderful. Good luck!
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  • In no particular order...

    Amy Ro

    Heidi Hope

    Heather Chick

    Linda Hawkins

    T & J 5.9.09
    MMC 2.12.11 @ 8w
    PVM 5.8.12
    GWM 3.17.15
    RPM 2.21.19

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  • Lisa Gendron at Agroterra Birth!  (She is also co-owner of Virgil & Livy Studios -- she also happened to shoot my cousin's wedding.)


    She is AMAZING!  I am a doula and I recently worked at a birth with her.

    For families that are expecting, Lisa is currently working on an amazing body of work.  If you are interested in taking part in her project, she does this free of charge and gives you full control of what would be published and what would not.

     If you're not interested in her project, she also offers great birth packages, family shoots, newborn sessions, maternity, etc.


    I tell you she does some of the best work that I've seen in this area. I really cannot say enough about her.  She is offering a 30% discount if you book before July.  Please tell her I sent you!

    I'm hoping to one day be a SMBC. Working on PCOS w/diet, exercise, yoga, acupuncture & herbs. Got my first "normal" ultrasound 9-2010 for the first time in over 10 years! It's working! Went Gluten Free 9/2010 and ovulated for the first time on 4-21-2011 - 26 months of hard work has paid off! ...
  • Mandy Mayberry Photography-
  • LOVE Heidi Hope's pictures!!
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