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Car seats: Britax Companion vs. Chicco KeyFit30

Does anybody have any experience with either of these? Pros? Cons? We have friends who are willing to give us their older Britax Companion car seat, but I am not completely sold on the idea yet. I'm not even sure it would fit in my Honda! I'd love to hear from you ladies that had one of these models. TIA!
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Re: Car seats: Britax Companion vs. Chicco KeyFit30

  • We have the Chicco Keyfit 30 and I will say, it's tight in our Pontiac Vibe (passenger seat is pretty far up).  I have no experience with the Britax.
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  • narknark member
    We have the keyfit30 & like it. But it's the only infant seat we've used, so can't really give a comparison. Worked for us.

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  • We have a keyfit 30 and are now using it for our second son. We had no real problems with it with our older son except that he would sweat excessively in it because of the fabric and the normal infant bucket seat design.

    With our second son as soon as the weather warmed up and he started wearing short sleeved onesies or rompers in the seat, he developed a horrible blister like rash on his elbows. Turned out he is allergic to the chemicals used to make the fabric flame retardant. We had to order a cover for the seat from bokoo covers. Now he can actually use the seat without getting a rash, but if I had known about the chemicals on the seat, I would have purchased a different seat to start with.

     If you google Chicco keyfit rash, you can see that this does appear to happen in some children. Thankfully it only affected our son's elbows because we figured out the cause quickly!

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  • We have the Chicco, it's decent.  We bought the travel system, and I'm not in love with it, but it works.  Never tried the Britax so I cant compare, but even though I'm not loving our Chicco I'd probably buy it again if I had to.
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  • JuberPJuberP member

    We also have the Chicco KeyFit30.  Overall, I like it and would buy it again.  A few comments... 

    Pros:  It has a rounded bottom, so we can set it on the ground and rock the baby to sleep.  Also, you can release the seat from the base in your car with a single hand. 

    Cons (not necessarily specific to this infant seat - it's probably the same for most infant seats...):  It gets heavy to carry the baby in the infant seat after your baby hits a certain weight - I stopped when he hit 20 lbs, but it still works great as a car seat.  Also, with the weather being warmer now, DS's backside is sweaty when I take him out.

    Just a general comment - many strollers (BOB Jogger, Snap-n-go) say that they are not compatible with the Chicco car seat, but we have not had any problems combining them safely.

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  • We recently bought the KeyFit30. We have not used it yet, it is still in the box. However we did go to babies R US to test it with our car. They let us bring the floor model outside to see if it would fit. It fit fine in our 06 Civic. From the floor models, the fabrics seemed a little different depending on which color you choose. Not sure exactly how different they are.

    I do not have any experience with the Britax. 

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