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3rd Trimester

Baby Dropping. (repost from Aug11)

Baby dropping Question.

The last two days I've woke up with really bad hip and pelvic pains, almost like growing pains. I now walk a bit different like I'm holding something between my thighs and when I step with my right leg I can feel a pressure pain down low. Does this mean the baby dropped already? I don't want to call the doctor cause I'm not in crazy pain or have fluids/blood showing but I'm thinking the baby dropped. Any suggestions?
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Re: Baby Dropping. (repost from Aug11)

  • I suppose its possible but I'm going with that its unlikely at 29w.

    What you're feeling is likely just the normal growing and stretching of your ligaments, joints, etc. It only gets worse from here ;) 

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  • My next appt is in 2weeks and no, there's no E-mail. Okay that makes me feel better at least to know I'm not alone.
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  • Try chiropractic care. It has been amazing in my pregnancy.
  • wow i was just about to post something about this. your are definately not alone because i been having the worse pains in my groin and hips and everyone seemed to think my belly looks lower. when do you usually drop?
  • ..........................totally not what I thought this post was about....

     Is it bad that I thought someone wrote a post about dropping their child on the floor and I wanted to read it?


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  • Both of mine dropped early, before 28 weeks and that groin pain while walking is a tell tale sign. The rest sounds like round ligament pain to me, there seems to be more or that in 3rd tri.

    Just make sure you are not contracting too. 


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