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Another question for No dairy BF Moms

How long did it take for you to see a change in your LO?  I'm on day 5 which is what my Pedi suggested as a trial period.  Everyone on the internet says a few weeks as a trial period.  I haven't noticed any change so far.  Do I need to give it some more time?
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Re: Another question for No dairy BF Moms

  • Drew would break out in a rash as a reaction to dairy.  When I cut it out, I noticed a marked improvement in about three or four days and it was totally gone by about two weeks.


    With Liz I cut it out from the beginning but cheated and had a parfait last week.  She broke out in a mild rash and still has a few bumps (almost six days later)


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  • took over a week for my LO to seem better. it was like a completely new baby! less fussy, better sleep, etc. poop started looking less green and more normal at the 2 week mark. became neg for blood a little after 2 weeks. i am on week 3 now and his diaper rash is  finally gone! still has some weird green poops here and there. i cut out all dairy and soy too. 
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  • I am also on day 5, and today I noticed a huge difference. LO used to spit up constantly. No spit ups today, no fussies. Good luck! 
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