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I got a question for you lovely ladies.

I'm going AD next week. My husband and I have been married for three years; I've been on the IRR while finishing medical school. There's lots of resources for military wives; has anyone come across anything for military husbands? DH feels a bit left out and especially as I go through the rest of my medical training and possibly someday get deployed, he'd like to be able to reach out sometime to someone who understands. Not that military wives wouldn't understand, but it's slightly different on the guy's side of things. And now that we're pregnant, if I get deployed he'll be a single dad and that has its own implications.  Just wondering....

 Thanks! Have a great holiday and thank you for all your service!


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Re: Military Husbands

  • When I deployed with a CSH, many of my coworkers were female and their husbands participated in the FRG. Since you are also medical, there is a higher chance of husbands participating due to the greater number of females in medical AOC and MOS fields. I don't know of anything specific for husbands as both DH and I are AD.
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  • OK great, thanks! :-) appreciate the input
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  • In our group (non medical) there were several military husbands. They just particpated with the spouse group.  Really it shouldn't matter what your sex is - all the support services should cover wives and husbands.

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  • My DH and I are both military but we have both been deployed seperatly, so I will tell you what he told me.

    He was active in the family readiness group, and that was some help. He said he did feel very much like they used him for support, rather than offering any to him. He was the only husband involved, which may have been part of it. He felt like the only time the family group wanted him involved was when one of the wives needed something fixed. When DS needed emergency surgery, he called the family group to let them know, and never heard from them. When I got home I mentioned how he felt, and the response I got was "Oh, well, he seemed to have everything under control, and everyone else was worse off than him!"

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