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I need comfortable shoes...

Hello Ladies,

I can't wear heels or boots with a heel anymore only because my feet hurt like crazy at the end of the day. When I get home from work my feet are hot & sore. I've been looking for flat comfortable shoes but I haven't had any luck.

I only have one pair of flats and they feel great but they are not dressy for work. I need something I can wear everyday with either a dressy shirt and slacks or nice top/jeans. Anyone have any suggestions? What are you ladies wearing?


Re: I need comfortable shoes...

  • Maybe check out Born or Sofft.  Not the most stylish, but they both usually have a couple of cute but comfy flats!  I used to sell shoes, so that's where I would lead someone looking for cute and comfy shoes. 
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  • Oh and since you asked, I usually wear Born myself. 
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  • Do you have a DSW near you? They have a huge selection of flats ( I think you can order online if you don't have one local) I bought 2 pairs of flats there this past weekend.. I got more casual, but they had tons and tons of dressy flats, def. worth checking out. 

    Hope you find some you love :)  

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  • I wear flats every day and my usual go to shoes are the Jessica Simpson Leve flats in black that are around $50 on Zappos. I also just purchased some new flats this weekend by AGL sold at some Nordstrom stores that were pricey but they are sooo comfortable. I didn't believe how comfortable they would be when the salesperson told me about them but after I tried them on for 10 seconds I was sold. They seriously feel like butter!
  • I got some 2" chunky dress heels at wally world. It's from the George line. Inexpensive, comfy, & goes well with office apparel. I like that I can just slip my feet in them & not have to fuss with straps & buckles. Bought them for about $14. I love a good deal! I'm obviously not a name brand h** ;-)

    My feet nowadays hate flat shoes just as much as high heels. Something with a short, chunky heel (& lot's of padding) makes my body feel more balanced & lessens the strain on my back, feet, & ankles. HTH 

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  • i've had luck with sam & libby.  dsw is a great place to find a good selection.
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  • I have a lot of foot problems in general, particularly in pregnancy.  Other than tennis shoes, I only wear Danskos or Merrells. (I'm too lazy to get up and see how they're actually spelled.)  They're expensive but worth every penny. 

  • Don't laugh, but I looove my Crocs! They actually have some cute styles that don't look like the ugly clog ones.

    They're sooooo comfy!

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  • Dansko Clogs

    I live in them.

    Not good if you work on uneven ground.  

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  • Thank you so much for all the feedback. I do have a DSW and I have been there 3 times but I can't find anything I like. (maybe if I try some on I will like them) I've just been "looking." lol We do have a Nordstorms so I will try there next. I'm also looking online so I hope to find something soon! =)
  • I love naturalizer and ecco shoes esp the flats `~ so cute . Thats all I am wearing now . 
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  • Aerosoles sometimes has cute shoes.  I work with special needs kids and am always busy.  Also check Zappos or Onlineshoes.com.  Both have free shipping and returns!
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  • Clark's, Naturalizer, Aerosoles...all super comfy!
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  • I tried on a pare of Earth shoes and they were very comfortable. But I don't know if they would work for your style. They didn't work for mine.

    I have resorted to flip flops. So trashy but I am on my feet all day and my feet are no where near their normal size.

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