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anyone tell me about their experience w/ Cervidil?

Being induced at 40w 2d because of Gestational diabetes. Did the cervidil work for you or did you need pitocin?



Re: anyone tell me about their experience w/ Cervidil?

  • The cervidil put me into labor. I did end up getting a tiny bit of pitocin to help things along, but my labor was already in full force.
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  • I was induced at 39.6 weeks for high bp and I had 2 doses of Cervadil with no progress. I needed Pitocin and wound up with an emergency c/s.

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  • It took forever for me!  First dose, then Pitocin, then back to cervidil...three more times!  Then more Pitocin! 
  • At 38 weeks, I had it twice along with something else over the course of 2 days, and it dilated me to almost 1 cm (after 48 hours). Then they broke my water, gave me pitocin (bc nothing started yet really), and about 13 hours later, my daughter was born. My sister was given it once when she had her daughter and it kickstarted her labor immediately and everything went well. I think it just depends on how close your body is to labor already in terms of how much intervention you need. My body was nowhere near wanting to have the baby, whereas my sister's was. Good luck!
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  • Cervidil, then pit and AROM. Got to 7cm within hours, stalled there for almost 12hrs - baby was stuck. Had a c/s due to failure to progress. Hemorrhaged due to uterine atony because I was on pit for so long. Got a uterine infection from too many cervical checks. All of my complications were a result of my induction. I will have a scheduled section next time.

  • It worked very quickly for me. 30 mins after the Cervidil came out my  water broke on its own and I dialated very fast. I did end up getting Pitocin because they wanted my contractions closer together but I had what I think was a very smooth induction considering I was terrified when I found out I had to be Induced.

    Best of luck to you

  • I had the cervidil in for 12 hours and it did nothing to help me. I began contracting by myself the next day and then was given pitocin.  I delivered with the help of the vacuum 24 hours later. 

    GL :) 

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  • I was induced at 38 weeks due to low fluid. I got cervidil at 10pm Tuesday, pitocin at 10am Wednesday to get more contractions, they broke my water at 12:30, epi at 1:30 and she was born at 3:42 pm.  


    Good Luck! 

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  • had it inserted at 10 pm to prep and soften. light ctx around anhour and a half later. harder ctx by 1am. water broke by 1:30am. hard ctx immediately. Got epi right away. Was only at 1.5cm when water broke (went in at 1 originally). from 2-7 am dilated to a 10cm, from 1.5cm. Baby born at 7am, after about 20 min of pushing. Never even had to start Pitocin.

    Granted I had a cerclage/bedrest for short/ incompetant cervix. I was being induced do to high BP. 

    Excuse the bad typing, I'm Bf'ing. lol

  • cervadil took me from fingertip to 1 cm, so nothing really.  pitocin worked really well, dilated me to 10 in a few hours, but i wound up with a section anyway.

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  • Cervadil was inserted at 10 pm and contractions started immediately. Water broke at 11 pm. I labored all night and by 9 am the next morning I was still only at a 4 and the baby wasn't dropping. Long story short, we ended up doing the c/s bc of many other factors. But, if we hadnt gone that route, I would have needed pitocin

  • I was induced at 37 weeks exactly due to high bp and concerns about the onset of pre-e.   

    I had the cervadil inserted around 8pm and removed 12 hrs later. Then I was given Pitocin which put me into labor. My OB described the cervadil as just loosening up my cervix since I wasn't dilated at all.

    Once the pitocin was started it took me a good 17 hours before the babies were born.

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  • Cervadil and Pitocin do different things. Cervadil helps soften and dilate your cervix and Pitocin helps your uterus contract (and/or helps control post partum bleeding). Generally both are needed, but not always.

  • I was given cervadil to start an early delivery at 38 weeks due to too much amniotic fluid.

    Cervadil was inserted at 8pm and contractions I could really feel started up at 2am.  It was taken out at 5am and I was 2 cm dilated (contractions were crazy strong at that point).  The epidural didn't stop the dilation so I never needed pitocin thankfully.   My doc mentioned that cervadil can kickstart labor in some women.  Went from 2-10cm pretty quickly, considering this was my first baby, and my water was broken manually at some point in there.   Started pushing at 12noon and baby was born at 12:40.  

     Good luck -- and if the cervadil feels like sandpaper going in, know that that's normal and not operator error.


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  • induced with cervidil....12 hours later given pitocin.....20 minutes later started big epidural soon after!  baby came out shortly after.i thought the day would never it seems like a long time ago....i actually miss being pregnant... good luck!!! (the only bad part is the nurses keep coming to :check" your dialation very  talk about discomfort!
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  • I went in for my induction at 39w6d for gestational diabetes. I was 2cm 50% when they inserted the cervidil, and contractions started within 10 minutes. After 90 minutes the cervidil had to come out, because it irritated my uterus, and I was having full-strength back labor contractions lasting 8 minutes long with 45 seconds in between- I honestly didn't know contractions could last that long, and I was not mentally prepared for that. I had wanted as natural a childbirth as possible (I had even delayed the induction by 2 weeks) but the breathing/ tub/ birthing ball just weren't cutting it- I had told myself I could handle anything for 1 1/2 minutes, but 8 minutes is a ridiculously long time, and I didn't bargain for that. I went from 2-5cm in 90 minutes.

    After 2 high finger sticks (120 & 125), they told me I had to be on an insulin drip, which meant an IV and continuous monitoring, so at that point I knew I didn't stand a chance with the pain without being able to move around or get into the tub, so I asked for the epi- this was after about 4 hours of those mutant contractions. I was at 6.5cm 80% when I got the epi. Btw, the epi didn't take completely on my right side.

    The epi stalled everything, so they gave me pit. DD was not tolerating the pit well, so they stopped it and gave me nitro to relax the uterus. That made my BP tank to 73/42 (I think that's the lowest it went, but I was kind of out of it at this point) so they forced fluids and gave me other meds to bring my BP up. After the nitro, contractions stopped completely, but gradually returned to small, ineffective contractions about 6 minutes apart, and they couldn't give me pit to speed it up again, because DD didn't tolerate it the 1st time around. After several more hours of this, my OB checked me, and I had not dilated anymore, and DD had floated back up out of my pelvis. Breaking my water did not encourage her to move back down, so 16 hours after starting cervidil, I had a c-section.

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  • I was induced and started on Cervidil at about 7pm and then given pitocin at about 5am. When I got the Pitocin I was at about 3-4cm.
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