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Glucose Test (Vent Session, sorry)

Thanks for all your advice last week. Had my 1 hr last Tuesday...dr JUST cld me and I failed!!! It took a freakin' week?!! Anywho...doing the 3 hr tomorrow. Really hoping that I not only pass but that it doesnt take them a week again to tell me the results!! Sorry for venting but its been a really bad day!!!
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Re: Glucose Test (Vent Session, sorry)

  • Vent away.....

    I have failed the 1 hour test for each baby now. I have passed the 3 hour with DS #1 and DS #2. I am glad it took a week to find out with DS #3 because I HATE taking the 3 hour test!!! I am nauseas my entire pregnancies - yes, all 3 pregnancies - and fasting to drink that crap makes it worse. I hold that nasty stuff down for 3 hours and immediately throw it up in the parking lot after the last blood draw. I have to take the 3 hour on Friday and totally dreading it. I imagine I will pass that one too....for the 3rd time!!!!

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  • Sorry you failed the 1 hour. I did, too. I just took the 3 hour today and it wasn't bad. I brought my computer with me and chatted with other women at the office that were getting their tests done too. There's a good chance that you will pass the 3 hour so try not to stress too much. Good luck.
  • sorry you didn't pass the 1 hr, I failed also.  I took my dvd player to my 3 hr, and hit the redbox before I went to get No Strings Attached.  Besides the bruising from all the sticks, it wasn't too bad.  Good luck

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  • Erggghhh on the waiting - I'm playing that game right now for my 3-hour results. My doctor is on vacation with limited office contact and while I appreciate that she needs vacation too - I want to know NOW. The nurses were nice enough to call and let me know that they rec'd the results, but they couldn't tell me until consulting with her.

     I'm hoping that means that the results are good, because if they were bad wouldn't they tell me right away???

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  • Well I hope all our 3 hr tests go well. Good luck to all of you! I have to say I am very blessed because I havent had any nausea with my pregnancy and the drink didnt bother me at all. Tasted like kool-aid to me. The wait stinks more or less because I have to miss work and I'm trying to save my sick time for maternity leave...not sure if my dr has wi-fi or not but I'll bring my computer just in case. (although the movie thing is a good idea)

    What was everyones number when they failed the first one? Wondered if mine was really high (183)

    To Crumcakefl....I dont dare to say about if your results were good she would have said because my dr said no news is good news, I would know by Thurs and I never heard until yesterday and it wasnt so I guess its hard to tell, but I will keep my fingers crossed for you!

    Thanks again everyone & good luck!!!!

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