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Back from OB with a support belt. Uh!

I posted earlier that I was going to the Dr. for horrible pain that kept me up all night. The pain feels just like when I cracked my tail bone when I was younger and had to sleep on these little foam pieces...anyway, it has joined horrible groin pain so they had me come in.

The NP said that I should not lift anything. DS is 35lbs and well, hard not to lift. Then things like laundry, big toys, etc. She said it is common that this type of pain could occur with later pregnancies and that a support belt might help. I got it. It is ugly and my arse bone still hurts but hopefully it will help.

Now, I have to see the OB on Thurs! I wish it could have been one visit!

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Re: Back from OB with a support belt. Uh!

  • On the bright side, sounds like you were able to avoid temptation all together. A support belt isn't a secret you have to keep from DH, so that should be a relief. ;)


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  • Haha, yeah right?

    The NP examined me and said I have round lig. pain and possibly a displaced sacrum...she said no lifting DS or heavy things and that I will see the OB on Thurs and she will look to see my ovaries (I had surgery on both of them last year and they have to be checked here and there) and DH will be at that appointment.

    Funny thing is (I wrote it in my post below) when I got home he guessed I already found out the sex and didn't care as long as I didn't tell him and hid my shopping from him. Haha. Oh, sweet DH knows me so well.

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  • Haha that is sweet that DH knows you so well!

    Sorry about the pain and the ugly support belt. I hope the support belt at least helps some! 

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