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When to introduce a paci

My baby really likes to suck, fusses a lot, and is always looking for, or sucking on her hands. I've been thinking about introducing a paci, but I'm very concerned that she is too small and it may disrupt breastfeeding, which we don't completely have nailed down yet. We're still working on the getting the latch just right.   

Any thoughts? 

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Re: When to introduce a paci

  • My DS was 2 days old when we did the paci. Our latch took about 2 weeks to get it completely down. And believe me their is no nipple confusion. When he is hungry he eats and when he wants to confort suck its the paci. But he does spit it out when he is done with it.
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  • Nipple confusion is RARE. This is according to multiple nurses in the nursery at my hospital and the handful of LCs I've seen at my mother's BFing group. They say that if you are going to use a paci you should use one of the rounded types like the Soothie or a Gumdrop. Other types can make the baby clinch their tongue and that will do damage to your nipples.

    With my 1st DD I was so scared of the paci because of BFing and by the time I tried it, it was too late. She would barely take it.

    With my 2nd DD we were using it in the hospital and have been using it since. No problems between anything she tries to suck on. She drinks a bottle, uses the paci, and BFs just fine after some initial latching issues.

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  • day she was born. No nipple confusion.
  • My DD loves her paci.  She has a great latch during both breast and bottle feeding.  We've had no issues whatsoever.  Sucking on the paci does calm her down when she's upset and not hungry at all. 
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  • My baby won't take the paci. Only my boob will do, sigh. Good luck!
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  • skioskio
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    OMG, I love your daughter's hat. :)

    We introduced the paci at 1 week, but DD never had any problems latching. She didn't take to the paci until about 3w, though. We tried Soothie and Wubbanubs, Gumdrop, Avent and Nuk and she just couldn't hold on to any of them. We finally found MAM pacifiers and she likes them best but they still fall out pretty often because she chomps on it a lot rather than sucking.

    You can always give it a try and if it starts to cause problems, hold off another week. GL!

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