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Hate that I can't think of a name...

I think we have a girl name.

We don't have a boy name. DS's name is one of the names I loved since I was little because it is the name of my mom's very outgoing cousin and I looooved hearing stories about their lives when they were young.

It is hard. The only name that DH likes is my grandfather's name. He died 8 years ago and while I do like his name it feels too soon...I don't know.

Anyone else in this boat?


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Re: Hate that I can't think of a name...

  • I can't think of a boy name I like to save my life.  I feel your pain.
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  • What if you used Grandfathers name as a middle name and went from there.  What name would go well with that name?

    For instance...we knew we wanted to use grandfather's middle name, which was Orvin (very old norweigan name).  So we started looking putting together name lists that incorporated Orvin as a middle name.  It actually helped, b/c since we already had one name picked out...we just had to figure out a what name went well with it.



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  • Boy names are definitely more difficult than girl names!  The only name we can agree on is Nathan.
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    Why would it be too soon? People name their kids after alive people all the time and it is a nice gesture, unless you really don't like the name. It's been almost a decade, it isn't too soon. 
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  • I think the "too soon" is my own sensitivity. I don't know.
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  • My grandfather passed 8 years ago this last weekend, and although it is still hard, I love having my LO named after him.  There are things he does, that make me think of my grandpa.   For example, my grandpa loved to whistle, you would always see him in the morning reading his newspaper whistling a tune.     Well, about a month ago, out of the blue, LO started whistling.    I don't know where it came from, but part me of felt happy inside, like i knew my grandfather was with us. 

    Don't stress too much about the name, you will find one.  No child goes un-named.   Trust me, I am a teacher....and i promise I have never seen a Baby Boy Johnson on my class list. Wink


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  • i don't think 8 years ago is too soon.  it's never too soon to honor a loved one.
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