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Lurking from 3rd tri w/a clothing size question (BR)

I am fully expecting our LO to be HUGE. DH and I were each ~9 lbs at birth, and this LO keeps measuring a couple of weeks ahead. I haven't really bought very many clothes in the NB size because I assume that he won't wear them long, and may bypass them altogether. But now I'm getting a little worried and thinking about buying a few more things in NB sizes.

Ladies who had big babies at birth: how much did your LO weigh, and how long was he/she in NB sizes? TIA!

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Re: Lurking from 3rd tri w/a clothing size question (BR)

  • he was 8 pounds 4 oz at birth and was in NB for about 2 weeks

    I just pulled out 6-9 month clothing today since he is outgrowing so much 3-6.


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  • E was 8 lbs 9 oz and wore newborn clothes for less than a week. If you buy more, just leave the tags on and return them if needed.
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  • DS was 8lbs 1 oz at birth but dropped and stayed below birth weight for 3 weeks.  I just said goodbye to newborn size clothes last week.  So we made it 5 weeks, newborn size diapers lasted that long too. 
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  • my dr was expecting a huge baby, 9+ lbs according to the growth ultrasounds. he was born at 7lb 10oz and he wore newborn clothes for about 4-5 weeks. 

    i washed 3 outfits to bring to the hospital: 1 premie, 1 newborn, and 1 0-3 month. when we knew how big he was we did a load of laundry accordingly. you could always have your DH do a load, assuming he will stop home at some point while you and baby are still in the hospital 

  • DD was 9lbs 8oz at birth, we had been doing growth scans and knew she would be over 9lbs. We had no NB size clothes on hand and one 96ct. box of NB diapers. She is actually very, very long (22"!) which was a surprise, so the NB diapers fit because her waist is still skinny. Right now her 0-3 onesies are almost tight in the length but all bulky in the middle, we are finishing the 96 NB diapers and moving on to size 1s.

    We also have a variety of 0-3 clothing, so some is currently big and some is currently small. Knowing how big she was, I would use this same plan all over again.

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  • 8lb7oz at birth. I think she is close to 12lbs now. She could still technically fit in a few NB things but they are a little snug. She is mostly in 0-3 now, though her footed sleepers are too short. Still has plenty of room in size 1 seventh gen diapers.

  • My LO was measuring really big too so I was expecting at least an 8.5 - 9 pounder, and didn't buy many NB clothes.

    Ended up with an unscheduled induction at 38 weeks without time to buy more NB sized clothes.  LO was 6lbs 13oz and even the NB clothes are roomy.  He swims in the 0-3 month stuff.  

    I'd go with the previous posters advice and have some NB clothes on hand just in case.  Wash a few of those outfits and leave the tags on the rest until you're home from the hospital.  

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  • elisbuelisbu member

    DD was in preemie for about 5 weeks at 4lbs 4oz.

    Now she is in NB and 0-3 months and she weighs just under 9 lbs. So I think you'd be safe to buy 0-3 months, and maybe just have a few NB on hand incase you end up with a tiny baby.

    SOOOO glad to see you in 3rd tri!!!

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  • I'd just buy a few newborn things (maybe 5-6 footed sleepers) and keep the tags on until you know, and then just return if you don't need them.  My DD was 9 lbs, 12 oz, and while she was able to wear a newborn sized outfit home from the hospital that was absolutely it.  Although of course it depends on the brand...her Children's Place and Old Navy 0-3 stuff fit from the beginning, some of the Carter's stuff was a little roomy to start though and she could have maybe worn a little newborn.  We never even put one newborn sized diaper on her though, and she's already in a 2 at 8 weeks old. 
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  • DS was 8 lb 7 oz, and never wore a newborn diaper or onsie.  He is almost 3 weeks old right now, and could wear NB size pants, but the onsies and sleepers aren't long enough. 

     We were expecting him to be 9 lb or bigger, though, so we didn't have but one NB outfit (Carter's) and a couple of NB onsies (Gerber) - all of which were gifts.  

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  • I didn't have big babies, 7 lbs each, but I still never bought NB clothes.  We had some handed down to us, and they were outgrown in a week or two.

    We just always used 0-3 clothes.  Even if they were a baggy, the baby wasn't uncomfortable, and they were in blankets and swaddles most of the time for the first few weeks any way, so it wasn't as if the extra fabric made moving uncomfy or anything.  

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  • Kyson was 8lbs 13oz and he couldnt wear any newborn when he arrived :)
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  • jacob was 10lb 3oz when he was born (at 37w 2d!) and never fit in newborn size. not even close. the hospital had him in nb diapers and poor kid was squished in them, he was in size 1 the second we got home.

    here he is at 2 days old wearing 0-3 :)





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  • darmcadarmca member

    According to my last ultrasound LO was supposed to be huge (he was measuring 6lb6oz at 34 weeks) but when he came out he was only 7lb13oz. Something to remember is that they lose up to about 10% of their birth weight the first couple days too.  He was born at 12:52am on Saturday and by Monday he was down to 7lb1oz. He wore most of his newborn stuff for one week (we had 4 sleepers and  2 onesies and a pair of pants). By that Friday only one newborn onesie and the pants still fit- now he's in 0-3 and was back up above his birth weight at 8lb8oz as of yesterday.

    It was a long week with only those 5 outfits (constant laundry), but by the time I could manage to get more, he had already outgrown them.

    I find all the sizes really different- I tend to just hang them and arrange them by where the crotch falls.

  • DD was 7lb 15oz at birth. BUT she was in 0-3 for 10 days and we are now in 3-6month Gerber onsies. she has a long torso and I cannot even put on cloth diapers on her because then the onsies are too tight.
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  • I was expecting a big baby as well but LO decided he wanted to come out 2 1/2 weeks early and was only 7lbs 3 oz.  He is now 3 weeks and we are still wearing the newborn size.  I would have some newborn on hand and just keep most of the tags and receipts to return if needed.  (I also brought a newborn outfit and 0-3 month outfit to the hospital because I didn't know how big he would be.)
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  • DS was 9 lbs at birth - born at 39 wks, 3 days.  We couldn't have been more surprised - his big sis was 5 lbs 14 oz, born at 37 weeks!  DS wore NB clothes & diapers for the first few days we were home from the hospital, and now we're in 0-3 clothes and size 1 swaddlers.  The sleeper he's wearing today fits him perfectly too, so I'm afraid we're going to be in 3-6 in no time!
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  • We never had a growth u/s, so we went in blindly- Ben ended up being 7lbs9oz when he was born, but he was 21".  He's well over 8lbs now, but still in NB size clothing.  The ones with feet are tight b/c he's so long, but he's skinny and an escape artist.  He wiggles his arms though the neck hole of any 0-3 month stuff.

    That said, I would buy 3-4 NB outfits or cheap onsies.  Just something to have on hand if you need them.  Wash one or two and worry about getting more/washing more when LO is born and you see how big/small they are.

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