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2nd Trimester

whats for dinner ladies??

I smelled pasta cooking in the air on my way home and made a favorite side dish from childhood.

(share your favorite recipe as of late...maybe it will sound good to someone else)

Noodles and Peas

boil pasta of choice (as a kid it was always elbow)

mix: mayo, little mustard, milk, pickle juice or relish and a little relish in a bowl (other alterations add salt and pepper, papricka)

once pasta has been rinsed and cooled add to mayo mix, add peas (caned or frozen...I prefer caned my cousins like frozen), and cheese (usually use sliced cheese tearing it up adding to mix, others prefer cubed cheddar cheese)

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Re: whats for dinner ladies??

  • That sounds kind of good :)

    I made some whole wheat pasta, tossed it with Italian seasonings and garlic, sauteed some zucchini in garlic and black pepper, mixed it with pasta and topped with Parmesan cheese.   It was Yum

  • That actually made my stomach turn. :( OI can't open food posts. I just want to puke all the time still.
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  • Sounds like a pasta night! We're having leftover penne with tomato meat sauce. It was supposed to be baked potato night, but with these left overs, it's not pasta. Maybe we'll put the pasta inside the baked potatoes...
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  • Yesterday I made Chinese Lemon Chicken from scratch.

    Today is a gluten free dairy free organic Amy's Kitchen pizza. Something easy :) 

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  • Hubby brought home sushi for dinner. Yumm!
  • *guilty face* We just moved into our new house so we had taco supremes from taco bell and nachos...They have lettuce so that technically makes it a salad right?
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