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Headaches and Fatigue

I am still waiting to see if I get to officially join this BMB and while I'm in limbo I'm trying to behave like I am pregnant to give it the best chance if I am.

So, what do you do about headaches? I get headaches quite a bit - have since puberty. The only thing that helps is Excedrin - which, of course, has both aspirin and caffeine in it. Tylenol won't touch it. I'm pretty sure that aspirin is a big no-no and caffeine is frowned upon (at least in excess). The only other thing that works is sleep but I'm pretty sure my boss would frown on me napping at my desk.

Which leads me to my next question. I work full-time. I am not, and have never been, a morning person. This morning I have been drifting off mid-keystroke! I don't drink coffee so that's out. I have to be careful with my sugar intake because of a major family history of diabetes so I'm trying to avoid soda but might have to give in. Maybe iced tea? Not as much caffeine and sweetened only with lemon. What do you all do to combat the fatigue?

Thanks! Have a beautiful day!

Re: Headaches and Fatigue

  • I wish I had more helpful answers for you! Tea was my first guess. Most docs say up to 2 cups of caffeinated beverages (like coffee) is okay. And tylenol for headaches, aches and pains. Sorry, that's all I know!

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    As far as I know caffeine is fine in moderation. I'm planning to continue to drink Diet Coke throughout my pregnancy but I'll try to stick to one a day when I need caffeine. The only safe pain reliever I know of is Tylenol but I'm sure there must be others. I'd ask my doc if I were you!
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  • I would ask your Dr. about meds for the headaches. As for fatigue, I sleep when I can. I had an hour break between class and work today and slept for 45 minutes of it. Caffeine in moderation is okay, but again, your Dr. would know what's best for you.
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