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NBR: Hair catastrophy - need help

So I was in the store the other day looking for a deep hair conditioning treatment.  I found one that I never heard of before and decided to try it.  BIG MISTAKE.  I tried it this morning and it is horrible.  Despite the fact that it says it is non-greasy my hair has never been greasier.  It's like I put a jar of vasoline in my hair.  Even though my hair is completely dry, it still looks wet and if I touch my hair, I have to wash my hands afterwards because my hands get greasy.  It's gross.

I have since re-washed my hair with shampoo and it didn't help.  My hair is still really greasy.  It's like the conditioner bonded to my hair and I can't wash it out. 

Any tips or ideas for something I can wash my hair with to de-grease it and get it back to normal.

Thanks :)


Re: NBR: Hair catastrophy - need help

  • it sounds crazy but dawn dishsoap it will strip out badness!!
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  • imagesalk72788:
    it sounds crazy but dawn dishsoap it will strip out badness!!

    I didn't even think about dish soap but that makes sense to me.  I will try anything to get this nastyness out of my hair.  Thanks!

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  • Dish soap would be my suggestion as well. Good luck. Smile
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  • I'm a hairstylist and I'm curious. what is the product and what are the ingredients? Maybe I can help you get better use out of it. 
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  • elisbuelisbu member
    Yes, I was going to say dishsoap or even a tiny bit of laundry soap. I had a hair dress tell me to do this one time when I colored my hair too dark. He said only do it once, maybe twice, but no more.
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  • Another hairstylist dying to know what the product was! LOL!

    Dishsoap is horrible for your hair...especially if you started out with a dry issue. I always tell clients to keep a clarifing shampoo (usually green in color) of some kind in their cabinet just incase of things like this. It's a much safer way to strip out unwanted texture.

  • On Rachael Ray yesterday they said beer is supposed to help get residue out of hair and make is soft and shiny. It's worth a try if dishsoap doesn't work. Although I think it's a waste of good beer. :)
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