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I love my OBs office!

I had my blood drawn/first appointment today. Once it was "confirmed" by urine, every single nurse and doctor I saw congratulated me (it's a very small office). Then, my bloodwork results aren't due to come back until tomorrow but they put the doctor's pager # on the label and he assured me the second the lab calls, I will know minutes later--tonight! And, they scheduled me for an ultrasound in two weeks so I can make sure I see the heartbeat right at six weeks. Then they said if anything happens (cramping, excessive worrying, etc.) where I wouldn't "need" an ultrasound they would be happy to do one just so I can have piece of mind. They said I have been through too much to not have a completely enjoyable second pregnancy! :-) What an amazing group of individuals!!

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Re: I love my OBs office!

  • That is so good.  You deserve to have a good group of nurses and doctors.  Let us know your betas as soon as you find out!
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    That sounds like a great experience and must be comforting to have that reassurance to know who you will be in good hands the next 9 months. I went for my first BW at a local lab ordered by my OBGYN who is further away.  I wasn't able to go to the lab until 3pm on Friday but my OBGYN's secretary put "stat" on it so she called me with the lab results by 5:00.  It was awesome, because I wasn't in suspense until today, because of the holiday. 
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  • Aww, that's so nice! I am using a midwife that my best friend used for both of her girls. I've met her a few times at appointments and at their birth. She is really nice so I am excited to have her!

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  • Glad you have an OB that's on top of things!
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