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Holy siatic nerve pain!

I have been soooo blessed with a great pregnancy, none of the yucky sickness, aching, a little fatigue and gassy but all in all a great pregnancy. 

This weekend I have noticed some BAD butt pains.  What I think is siatic nerve pain.  Omigoodness.  Hurts when I stand, walk, depends on how I sit, it still may hurt.  Is there any relief for this pain?  I can have my husband put his elbow in my butt cheek and try and massage it, and still no relief! 


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Re: Holy siatic nerve pain!

  • So sorry to hear that. I have had chronic sciatica for a year now. I know just how uncomfortable and painful it can be.

    Some women say that the pregnancy pillow helps. Simple stretches help alot too. If you really want to nip it in the bud I suggest physical therapy plus some therapeutic massage.

    Mine is so bad that I go to chiro, physical therapy and two different kinds of massage therapy for it. I have done acupuncture and cranial sacral for it as well. I am probably going to get a steroid injection in my back for it later this week. I can't stand long enough to make dinner, walk through the grocery store, stay standing through a 10-minute shower, etc. Simple daily routines have been impossible for me for the past 4 months. Again, mine was pre-existing, so its probably a bulged disc causing it, with the pregnancy making it worse. 

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  • I have success with stretches and heat on the painful area.  I had a horse accident when I was a teenager and pinched mine really bad and had to have physical therapy for it.  It was mostly fine after that until my last and current pg.  I use a corn or rice bag and lay on my side a lot.  A pillow between my knees helps too.  I have also heard other women report relief with cold instead of heat.  I'm sorry you are going through this!  Good luck!
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  • I know the feeling...I had that with my last two pregnancies...I've felt a little with this one..But it always gets worse for me to the point where I can barely walk anymore! I hope it gets better for you hun! good luck!


  • Thanks ladies for the advice.  I have a pillow I sleep with at night in between my knees, I guess I will try the hot presses for a few nights and if that doesn't work I'll try cold presses. 

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