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Ever since I got my BFP, I've noticed a rash on my stomach.  It looks like red small pin-pricks.  It doesn't itch.  It's probably totally unrelated to my pregnancy, but I was wondering if any of you have noticed the same thing?  The only pregnancy rash I've heard of is PUPPS but that doesnt start until late pregnancy.  I didn't have this when I was pregnant with my DD....

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Re: rash

  • I had something similar, but on my butt, a couple of months ago.  Turned out it was a heat rash.  It wasn't itchy, and almost hurt.  After going through a tube of over the counter hydrocortizone, I got a prescription and it hasn't come back since.  But, I wasn't pregnant then.  I have no idea what to suggest to make it feel better - maybe call your dr and see what they suggest.

    Feel better!

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  • minteamintea member
    I think I have a similar thing. It's on my chest, between my boobs. I really think it's a crazy surge of small pimples though... but idk

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