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Motherhood sizing

I hate to say it but I feel like I am exploding all of a sudden and like last pregnancy I cannot handle any pressure on my belly so the 1 pair of maternity shorts I have from DD are under belly and bother me when I sit.  I live in the middle of no where and even our Walmart doesn't carry maternity - near a military post, crazy- so am going to order secret fit shorts from motherhood maternity, I wear 8's for the most part, have a few 6's in shorts, so by their chart I would be a medium but the jeans I have from DD which fit again are motherhood smalls.  Question- anyone have experience with their shorts?  I assume I should buy the same size as the pants that fit but hate to have to send my order back.  Thanks in advance!
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    I don't have any shorts from them, but do have some pants, jeans and skirts.  I have found all of them to be true to size based on their size charts.  I would order the medium.  It's completely possible that the shorts you already had have stretched out a bit.  I had a pair of pants from my sister that she wore with both of her pregnancies which were a bit too big, but are the same size as the one's I purchased which fit.
  • I just got a couple pairs from MM and I'm normally a Size 10 and got the mediums... good luck with sizing, it can be frustrating without trying them on. *I also have the jeans in Medium*
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  • I got a pair of long shorts from them, and I got a M.  They are a little big, but I was a size 6 pre-preg, getting close to needing an 8.  I also have the M jeans, but I bought size S in dress pants.
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  • They tend to run large, so if you have a pair that fits, and it is small, I would order a small again.  I didn't like any of their shorts b/c they were too short, but I am 5'10 and have a lot of (chunky) leg!!
  • I used to wear size 10s before pregnancy, and I really liked the Motherhood smalls at first.  They were a little snug, but they still looked good.  However, after the past 2-3 weeks, I have retired the smalls and am comfortably wearing the mediums.  I think Motherhood brand is the best for maternity bottoms so far!
  • I have found that they run big, full in the butt/hip area, same as old navy 
  • I was in between an 8 and 10 pre-pg and got a M size pant at 8 weeks. They fit then, and were comfy, and they fit now, with room to grow. The secret fit belly is seriously soooo comfy and I'm not worried about it stretching!

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