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exercise... ?!?!

Ok, so tomorrow is the start of the year of epic weightloss for me. I'm starting Weight Watchers and I want to start working out too. I've been walking already and I want to start something a little more intense. BUT... I'm still 2.5 wks shy of my Dr's appt. I was going to call today and talk to the nurse but the day got away from me and the office closed. UGH.  I only had a few stitches for a minor tear, almost no pain, and I'm still bleeding some, but I would think it would be ok to cheat a little right...?
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Re: exercise... ?!?!

  • I have been cheating and I had a c-section! I had no complications post-delivery and I am not doing anything major, just a few of the exercises suggested in some of my baby books. I gained 26lbs during my 34 weeks prego and have 9 left to go, not a lot by any stretch but I'd like to have it off by the end of summer.
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  • If you are still bleeding you can use the level as a guide. If post-workout you start bleeding more heavily, that is a clue that you are over doing it a bit.

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