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Poll: What to Expect When You're Expecting Book

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  • I MUCH prefered Your Pregnancy Week by Week over WTEWYE
  • "Read it and found it alarmist."
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  • I got week by week, and didn't even pick up wtewye on the recommendations of this board.  I returned one gifted copy of the book though, and held onto (though didn't read) one outdated hand-me-down copy.  ha.  That book is everywhere.

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  • I much preferred the Baby Center Guide to Pregnancy. 
  • I got it along with Pregnancy WbW.  I read both as I went, staying 1-2 wks ahead of where I actually was.  It was helpful for some of those unexpected things as a reference, but I would never say either was a Pregnancy Bible.  It was helpful for DH to read through or as a segway to various parenting topics as we went.

    I also have WtEtToddlerYears.  Again, not a bible by any means, but helpful for some oddball non-emergency questions when I felt like the Kaiser advice nurse wasn't enough of a reassurance for me.

  • imagealibee09:
    "Read it and found it alarmist."
  • i allways read a month ahead, and then amazingly would have all the symptoms of everything they described.So i stopped reading and joined the bump! :)
  • If you are prone to anxiety, I recommend staying away from all books during pregnancy. I stopped less than half way through my pregnancy reading both WTEWYE and the week by week one as well. For me (as it turns out I had undiagnosed depression and anxiety during pg) it made me worry, worry and worry some more.

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  • I agree with many of the PP.  Depends on if you worry or not.  I skimmed numerous of those types of books.

    I have a new copy of Your Pregnancy Week by Week if you want it.  It's the 6th edition.  I'm in the Sac area. 

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  • if you want an anxiety free pregnancy DO NOT read that book. i thumbed through it and found it very alarmist and would make even the most laid back person become an anxiety riddled mess over the dos and don'ts.

    i read the girlfriends guid to pregnancy and laughed the whole way through.

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  • imageDoxieGal:

    I agree with many of the PP.  Depends on if you worry or not.  I skimmed numerous of those types of books.

    I have a new copy of Your Pregnancy Week by Week if you want it.  It's the 6th edition.  I'm in the Sac area. 


    Ooh, yes, I would love this!

  • KFishie---

    I'll PM you about it.

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  • CelynCelyn member
    It's useful if you can read it with a positive mindset.  If one is at all nervous about every bump and hiccup, then it's the wrong book to read.  We like to call it What to Expect When You're Expecting the Worst.
  • I started reading it and it didn't really "work" for me so I stopped. Instead I follow the app (daily & weekly) and also a couple of other pregnancy apps
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  • I really liked Your Pregnancy Week by Week, but it also has a lot of possible complications and diseases (!) throughout.  I'm not a worrier, so I was able to skim and skip past the things that didn't apply to me.  But I agree with the others- someone who is anxious or a worrier by nature might want to steer clear of most of the books.  I don't feel like my pregnancy would have been all that different if I hadn't read any of them.  You always have the Bump for questions!

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  • I honestly thought it was boring and could barely make it past the first few chapters.  I much preferred Your Pregnancy Week by Week.
  • I read it cover-to-cover and found it helpful, I also have The Pregnancy Journal which has some good tips...and, I like the connections they make to other cultures. I think the most informative book I have is A Child is Born.  

    Maybe I'm in the minority, but I'm all about reading the books. Now I'm reading It's a Baby Girl! Which is put out by the Gurian Institute and discusses how baby girl's brains work and are different from boys. :) 


  • wow, people can actually read it? the format was horrible. It gave me headaches just looking at the pages.

    what I did read made me cringe. it was totally over the top.


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