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Sleep Deprived......

Today has been a very difficult work day as I have no motivation because I am so tired!  I went to bed last night at 10pm and got up to use the restroom, literally, every 1-2 hours.  I no longer turn on the light in the bathroom in hopes that I can fall back asleep faster and I don't allow myself to have any liquid (other than to swallow PNV and brush teeth) after 8pm.  So why am I urinating so much at night? 
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Re: Sleep Deprived......

  • Yuck, I know how it feels and wish I had some advice or explanation for you. I haven't had more than 3 hours of sleep at a time in a couple of months. Normally I'm up every 1.5-2.5 hrs all night long, it's just part of being pregnant as far as I can tell. It doesn't get any better so we just have to stick it out. I tried the no drinking in the evening thing but then I wake up dying of thirst in the night so I just drink when I want to and suffer the consequences. You get used to the lack of sleep.
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  • CA2006CA2006 member

    This is pregnancy.  Your bladder is being presurized by your baby.   Not much you can do. 

    It's not even a taste of the sleep deprivation you will endure once the baby comes.  Enjoy all the sleep you're getting now!

    While I agree that sleep deprivation is a lot worse once the baby arrives, i do find this to be an annoying response to not sleeping during pregnancy.  With DS, i slept like a rock (other than having to pee).  With this baby, I have been up all hours and unable to get back to sleep and it is just frustrating!! I KNOW the kind of sleep deprivation I will endure come October, which is why I want my sleep NOW!


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