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Food Revolution

So has anyone else seen Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution on ABC? Im sickened by what LAUSD is allowed to do. We pay taxes that are supposed to go to feeding out kids healthy food!! Why wont they let Jamie in to see the food? What are they hiding? And why are they lying and trying to pass certian food off as healthy when it really isnt? Am I the only one completely POed about this?



Re: Food Revolution

  • You are definitely not alone!!!  This is our first child so the issue of LAUSD food services is horrifying but so is the rest of LAUSD and the way it is  run.  My husband and I have already decided that when school time comes its either private or we are moving.  Very sad as we were both successful products of public school education.  Not sure where you live but I have been checking out different preschool nutritional programs and they vary so much.  I would never send my child to eat something at school that I wouldn't dream of serving at home.....what are fish sticks???
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