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Did anyone have pain after their D&C?

I had my D&C last Wednesday. I was really surprised at how smooth the whole thing was. I was in and out quickly. It wasn't nearly as scary as I imagined. The gave me a script for Loritabs and Motrin, but said I might not need them. They told me to expect period like cramps. My bleeding was pretty light. I was fine for the first two days and even went to a rehearsal dinner for a friend on Thursday night. 

Friday AM I woke up at 3 AM to intense contractions and pain. I took a second Loritab and another dose of the Motrin at the advice of the on call OB. I was in so much pain. More pain than I have ever felt before. I was doubled over, couldn't walk, I had to breath through them like I was in labor. My husband and Mom insisted I go to the hospital. They took me in and it took 3 doses of Morphine before the pain stopped. The did a CT scan to make sure I didn't have a perferation in my uterus. The also tested for infection. 

In the end everything checked out well. The said I had some inflammation  and a lot of fluid in my uterus. They thought the contraction were my body trying to get rid of all of it. My bleeding did pick up a lot throughout the next day and I passed a couple of clots that were golfball sized the next morning. 

I don't even know the point of my post. I have my post D&C follow up today. Maybe it's silly, but I am just so worried they are going to think I'm crazy. It seems everyone says it was an easy procedure with little to no pain, even my own Mom. I know I have been sad and stressed but I don't think you can stress yourself into that much pain. I guess I just feel like people think I'm looking for sympathy or making it up. Is there anyone who can relate?

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Re: Did anyone have pain after their D&C?

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    I'm sorry you had to go through that.  I did not experience anything like that after my D&C, but hopefully your doctor will have some answers for you at your follow-up visit.
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  • i am so sorry that you had to go through that... i was fortunate not to have pain after the procedure other than when i first woke up....

    What did the Dr say about this?  could it be an infection?

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  • I'm so sorry for your loss and the crazy post d&c pain episode.

    I had various weird symptoms after my d&c...

    First couple of days...perfectly normal and fine.

    Third and fourth day had 20 minute cramping episodes that I had to breathe through like labor.  Regular ibruprofen worked, but not for a long while.  They were super intense.

    Fifth and sixth day had TERRIBLE bloating.  Very uncomfortable full feeling like a uti, but without the burning pee.  I called Dr. and came in the next day (7 days post d&c)  Night six, I finally pooped a bit (sorry TMI...but I think constipation from the pain meds given at the hospital was the cause) and I also had a small clot (no bigger than a dime).

    Went to the dr on day 7 and everything looked perfect in the uterus and my weird bloating, full, pain went away.  

    So, though I didn't have the same situation as you, I did have some weirdness after my d&c.  It's scary when everyone else seems to be all, "Mine was fine, etc, etc." 

    Hopefully everything sorts itself out in there soon.  If you have anymore weird unexplainable pain, call the doctor.


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  • I had a d&c on Friday morning, and it went well. Everything was fine - hardly bleeding or cramping at all for the first couple days, except the burning pee! Sunday I started feeling icky, and by dinner time I had a fever of 102. Called the doctor right away because I knew that was a sign of infection, and they called in a prescription. I've been on that since Sunday night and the fever finally went away. However I went back to work today and I noticed I'm bleeding heavier now and cramping is getting worse (it was hardly there before). Don't worry, I am feeling the same way! I have a follow-up appt on Friday, so I hope they tell me it's normal! 
  • Thanks for the support ladies. I feel exactly like you said sbphotos, it is so scary when everyone else says it was fine.

    My follow up went well. My Doctor doesn't think I'm crazy! :) She said there were no signs of infection and no damage to my uterus, but the CT scan did show a lot of residual fluid. She said when this forms into a large clot or multiple large clots it can distend the uterus and cause a lot of pain. Basically my cervix had clamped down and my body was contracting to get the clots out. She said it wasn't abnormal just not typical.  She totally validated me and made me feel a lot better.

    Good luck to you CPhilz. I hope your follow up goes well too.

    PCOS dx 2008 | BFP #1 2/26/2009 with Metformin
    Owen Matthew 11/1/2009 4lbs 10oz 16.5in
    Born 5 weeks early by C/S | Severe Pre-Eclampsia
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    3 failed Femara/TI cycles moving on to IUI
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