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Formula mommies...

I have some stuff to give away.


in this picture is:

1 - 4 pack (2oz each) of Similac infant with iron

2 - 8oz cans of Enfamil Premium Newborn

1 - 3 pack (2oz each) Enfamil Premium Newborn

4 individual packets of Enfamil Premium Infant

1 - 12.5 can of Enfamil Premium Infant

2 - $5 checks for Enfamil (exp: 6/30/11)

4 - $4 checks for Enfamil (exp: 7/31/11)

If anyone wants this stuff it's yours.  I would really rather not have to mail the formula (I will gladly mail the checks), so if you can come and get it or if I can meet you somewhere relatively close that would be great (I'm in the Salisbury area).  Email me at spacegrl_viv at yahoo dot com.

image Connor Reeves - July 4, 2007 Naomi Raye - January 26, 2011

Re: Formula mommies...

  • Hey Viv! Wanted to suggest that if no one is interested in picking it up, the Adolescent and Family Enrichment Council will be glad to take it. I donated a lot of my sample cans and the hospital stuff and they were VERY appreciative. They do a lot of work with the teen pregnancy groups in Salisbury. Also, I know Rowan Helping Ministries would be glad to have it, too.

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  • Great idea SB!  Thanks!
    image Connor Reeves - July 4, 2007 Naomi Raye - January 26, 2011
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  • I donated a lot of formula to a local women's shelter, it was really needed and something people don't think to donate.
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