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Mucous Plug and Cramping

I'm not sure if I should call the doctor or do anything about this, but... I had some contractions yesterday morning and didn't think much of it as they were not regular. Yesterday evening, I lost my mucous plug. I never lost it with DS (my water just broke), so I have no idea what any of this means. It was brown, which I can only assume means old blood. All last night I had more contractions, although still pretty sporadic. There wasn't any pattern. I'm still having some this morning.

Should I be concerned, or could labor still be a good ways off? I was a little freaked out that maybe this meant that labor was immenent, and I'm not quite 37 weeks yet so it seemed too early, I'm not ready, etc. etc.

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Re: Mucous Plug and Cramping

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    From everything I've read / learned so far, the mucus plug is the most unreliable sign of impending labor.  It could easily be another 4 weeks before it starts -- so don't stress!

    This. My DR said no concerns until contractions are 5 min apart for an hour or more OR an increase in fluid loss.

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  • I lost mine at 34 weeks with cramping and contractions that were totally irregular.  Still no baby though (thank goodness!!).
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