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Help! PG Weight Gain

I'm 37weeks today, and I've been gaining 1-2 pounds per week.  Last week I was at 30 pounds total gain, which although I wasn't happy about, I felt okay about it because my midwife said I should plan to gain 25-35 pounds total by the end of the pregnancy.  I only get on the scale on Saturday mornings when I get up, so that it's the same day, same time each week and thus more likely to offer an accurate idea of my weight gain.  This morning I get on and I gained FIVE pounds this past week!  Should I be as freaked out as I am?  Is that considered "rapid" weight gain?  And should I call my midwife?  I don't want to be "that" person who calls, especially on a holiday weekend.

 Thanks in advance!

Re: Help! PG Weight Gain

  • This past week I gained over 3lbs in 5 days and my OB was not concerned. I honestly think it is because it got so hot out and I am more swollen and retaining water. I don't think it is anything to worry about. I would just go by when they weight you in the office and not your home scale.



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  • Yep, probably water weight.  I was at a gain of about 30 lbs at 34 weeks and then just loaded on the weight at the end.  I delivered at just shy of 37 weeks and I think my total gain was around 38/40 lbs (may have been more--I stopped looking--ha!).  Once I lost the water weight and swelling (about 2 weeks pp), I was only about 15 lbs over my pre-pg weight.  So, don't freak out--the water weight comes off fast!


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  • I wouldn't worry- especially with the horrible heat wave we've been having. It's probably just fluid retention. I gained almost 15lbs the last month of my pregnancy with DS1, all fluid from swelling.

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