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4 year old and bad sleeping

During the day Cam wants to be picked up alot etc ( i think cause jasper does ) and at night time is waking up ALOT and ends up in our bed at some point throughout the night. Last night he slept in our bed and slept in till 8 am ( 2 hours more then he usually does ).

Tonight he has woken up 3x since 7:30 and says he " Needs me " and i have to lay with him till he falls back asleep................

frustrating since Jasper woke up 3x last night screaming and pretty much would only nurse all night with me laying in Cameron's bed. argh.

Any other 4 year old going through this or is it just mine ? advice is greatly appreciated Smile

Re: 4 year old and bad sleeping

  • We have our constant bouts with bedtimes from instead of calming down getting hyped up at lights out to multiple whining and crying fits every hour. And because of all the different types we have to constantly tweak everything. One thing I have noticed for when A gets needy and doesn't want me to leave him is that he & I will go off by ourselves to read books. Right now it's in our loft area and we sit and cuddle. He gets time with me and when I put him to bed I remind him that it's time for bed and he can stay in his bed all night. My other suggestion is to have DH do bedtime or the cuddling when lights go out. Both of my boys respond much better to him than me. They know they can reel me in and have me cave and sit there or lay there for hours. I know they also feed off my anxiousness to get them to fall asleep. We've had some rough and long drawn out bedtimes lately so I've been sending in DH for them (even if they call for 'mommy'). I hope this helps!! Hang in there! 
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