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You would think...

That in the final week my body would actually want to rest and get some sleep! Especially after all the cleaning/laundry/quality time I did yesterday! But Nooooooo I woke up at 1:30 to pee, didn't get back to sleep till almost 2, woke up at 3 to pee and didn't get back to sleep till after 6...and my alarm goes off at 7 to get my son ready for school! I actually have a lot of plans today otherwise I'd go back to bed now but I have to get my car looked at, and my son has an awards ceremony at school this afternoon, then a karate class. <sigh> the things we do, right ladies?




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  • Its all just in preparation of the new one to come :)

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  • I know right!? I usually go to semi sleep around 4ish am and have to get up by 6 bc my kids (I have 3 boys) KNOW it's summer time so think they need to wake up super early lol! I'm soooooo exhausted. Two days from my due date and honestly can't wait to be in hospital and get a break lol awful I know but really is the only break ill get in the next few years atleast lol heck if I do finally get to sleep that is usually about the time my4 year old wakes up with his night terrors :( I think I'm destin to NEVER sleep again lol!!!
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