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3rd Trimester

Who else is miserable?

Okay so maybe miserable is the wrong word. I'm just tired of being tired. I'm tired of being huge. Everyone is driving me crazy asking when she is coming. Yes I'm 38 weeks, but I'm carrying an 8.5 plus pound baby, and I'm hurting so much. So as excited as I am to have this baby, I AM miserable being this pregnant. Come on baby!!!!
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Re: Who else is miserable?

  • I am also miserable, but mostly because the heat was in the upper 90s the past few days, and will continue tomorrow.  At least I'm officially done with work, so that makes me feel a little better.  Hoping my Dr. has good news for me at my appt. tomorrow.  Also tired of the phone calls, texts, emails, etc - especially from relatives that we don't see regularly.  SO ready for DD2 to be here already!  OK- end vent.

    Hang in there, and you aren't alone!!

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  • Hey Clearwater! This Tampa mom is so miserable (it's so HOT). Im only 34 weeks and feel 10xs worse than when I was 41 weeks with my toddler. My coworkers are ALL men and have no idea. My little one is very big.. measuring at 6.5 lbs right now. I cannot wait for this big boy to come. Plus I am so obsessed with having a VBAC.. that I think that is making me lose my mind. I hope you feel better!!
  • My 3 1/2 year old just had an accident and pooped in his pants after being potty trained for the last 6 months. While trying to clean it up I threw up 4 times. I feel huge and have ZERO energy. I am still nauseas throughout the day and my 5 year old is always asking me if I am going to throw up. I am totally miserable. I so can't wait for August!!!! Thank goodness this is our last baby......
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  • Me! I was so uncomfortable yesterday that I wanted to cry. I'm not as bad today, but I still feel huge, and sleeping sucks. I am so miserable when I lay down.
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    I shouldnt complain, you ladies are at least 4 weeks ahead of me..but....I feel pretty miserable already. I don't know how Im going to make it if I go to term! :(

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  • Yep...miserable...that's me! 31 days to go...I'm on a count down and it is driving me crazy! Hang in there everyone!
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    Me! I was so uncomfortable yesterday that I wanted to cry. I'm not as bad today, but I still feel huge, and sleeping sucks. I am so miserable when I lay down.


  • I have this pulled or torn muscle on my belly on one side and it hurts so effin bad when I do anything even walk.. anytime I use my tummy muscles for anything (which is everything) I hurt  =(
  • I'm getting there fast.

    Hang in there mamas! We're almost there!

  • I'm sooo with you! I can't believe how much more uncomfortable I am this time than I was with DS. My pelvis feels like it's made of glass, I have sciatic nerve pain that literally stops me in my tracks and (TMI alert) it feels like LO is clawing at my cervix. Thanks for the vent!Embarrassed
  • I am soo miserable, yesterday I was in tears. I never thought I could get this big, walking is painful, it's 95 degrees outside, I'm swollen, can't breathe, and just feel like a giant whale. :( I look in the mirror and I just get so depressed. :( :(
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  • ME ME ME ME!!!! If one more person asks me if I had the baby I'm going to scream!!!! I'm exhausted all the time and I barely have the energy for myself let alone DD. Come on already!!!!
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  • It's good to be able to vent ladies, and know that I'm not alonr. The heat is awful here also. I had my thermostat set to 71 last night, took two tylenol p.m., and still couldn't sleep because I was so hot. I could literally feel the humidity. I also tossed and turned all night. I'm too big to get comfortable. Now off to a full day of work. Ugh.....not too much time left.
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  • I'm sick of having to sleep sitting up (at first, it was the pulled groin; and now I get excruciating cramps in my side if I lay down); I'm sick of not being able to drive (I went to the hospital last week for early labor, and was told to "take it easy" with a list of things I can't do - which is everything); I'm sick of DH's family constantly asking "How are you feeling?" I don't know...how would you feel carrying around a 6 lb ball in your lower pelvic region in 90 + degree weather, and not be able to do anything but take a shower and go to the bathroom?; I'm sick of MIL getting really sappy and saying "We're going to have a baby" or "You're pregnant - it'll be here soon" (No. I'm going to have a baby. You had five, and you're starting to creep me out. I appreciate that you're happy about your grandchild, but I don't need to hear about it every 5 minutes when you look at my stomach. And I know I'm pregnant. These things happen when you participate in such activities as I did with your son.) I'm also REALLY sick of DH's 3 sisters saying "Hurry up and have the baby. I want to play with it!" or "Wait until I get back from Florida to have the baby. You can't have it without me." Really? One, you can't play with a newborn, so now I question whether or not I really want you holding my child. Second, I will surely hold off my labor for you to enjoy your time in Florida while I sit at home feeling like a beached whale. Besides, it's not like you're going to be in there - so I don't care about having the baby without you. It got put in there without you, it can come out the same way. And I realize they say this jokingly, but it was only slightly amusing to me the first time. Not the consecutive 500 times. Oh man. I have a lot of pent up anger. Sorry about that. Needless to say, I am so sick of being pregnant. I don't know if I can stand another week - much less 3.

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