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How to clean a baby tub?

My friend was nice enough to donate a plastic baby tub that his son's outgrown. I'd like to give it a cleaning -- how do you clean a baby tub in a way that's safe? Baking soda? Vinegar? Bleach?

I didn't think the harsh chemicals I use in my own tub would fly.


Re: How to clean a baby tub?

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    I would use baking soda & vinegar. However, that is also what I normally clean with...

    You could also use Oxygen Bleach (like OxiClean) - just dissolve a scoop in the tub with some hot water & then scrub it out.


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  • I used baking soda in DS's tub

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  • Hot water and soap?
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  • How much baking soda do you use? 
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  • I use scrubbing bubbles on our tub and the babies.  It works great getting soap scum off, and I just make sure to do and extra rinse with water as hot as the tap will go. 
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