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BOMB check in!

So my day off went well, lots and LOTS of yummy nachos and cake.  Uh-hunh.  Spent my evening drinking the leftover margars and crying in them about how much I love my friends and my kids.  Aw, Fricky, ever the sentimental sap-pa-roo.

My MIL's gift was a doozy I'll post about it later.  How's that for a teaser?  :)

Back on the horse this morning and proud of it.  Let DH sleep til 8:30 and then off to Jazzer I went.  Weighing in tomorrow we'll see how that goes.   We have tons of stuff left so it's going to be hard not to chow down on it. 

here's what I'm pissed about today:  A grande, nonfat, no whip white mocha has TEN points in it.  TEN!  TEN!  Did you hear me say TEN!?!?!  

No wonder I'm a fatty!  Surprise

I know I can order the skinnies but you know, it's just not worth the $4 to me.  My a$$ is going to be in trouble when the red cups come back around.  

I got one of those acrylic cold coffee cups and I've been making my own iced coffees with nonfat milk, sugar-free Torani.  Costs me one point and is ok for a pick-me-up though not as good as that damn 10 point white mocha.  

So what are you pissed about?!!?  ha ha ha   




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Re: BOMB check in!

  • I haven't been able to get to the gym this past weekend.  I did do a lot of housecleaning and work around the house which kept me active.  I still haven't signed up for the 5K See Jane Run on Sunday and now it is supposed to rain.  My DH really doesn't want me to do it.  He is afraid I'm going to get hurt and I'm having surgery on the 8th so I can see his point.  

    I just checked and though I don't do WW my Tall Caramel Macchiato w/ 2% milk is 4 pts. and a Grande is 5 pts.  I agree that the coffee I make at home is never as good as the ones I buy.  

    I'm hoping to make it to the gym later but I'm not sure if they close early today.  Have to call and check.  

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  • those white mochas are the death of me! I have never looked into it, but at 7-11 they have iced mochas, and they are damn good and half the price. So i go for those instead and ignore the fact that they are probably loaded. not really pissed to much about anything, i came into work to complete some online training. now getting ready to go spead the afternoon with dh and kiddos, might even go see Kung Fu Panda 2. Tomorrow its back to the gym, then wed will be yoga, and then thurs gym, friday hoping for gym, will skip sat and sun. Sunday we are going to BFD! Cant wait to see Linkin Park and Snoop Dogg.
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  • My weekend did not go well. Fast food, pizza, iced lattes, brownies, fro yo.



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  • holy cow 10 points??!!?! No wonder they are good. Good for you for making your own!

    I went to Target today and WW has some of their new frozen meals so for shits and giggles, I check their nutritional has 730mg of sodium per serving and the bag has 2 servings?!?! OMG! Crazy.

    This weekend I was very good, I worked out Friday, Saturday, off yesterday and did exercise tv @ home today. DH and I went to the movies on Saturday (saw Hangover 2..not as funny as the 1st). I  made our own popcorn and brought snacks and drinks from home. DH wanted to get a soda (I don't buy it anymore) so that was his treat. We saved $$ and calories all around. I am very proud of myself.

    I love this time of year when it is berry and melon season. Nom nom nom.

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  • I'm pissed that I'm hurt. My NP thinks I probably have tendonitis, but isn't sure. I'm supposed to be referred to an orthopedist, but still haven't gotten the call. It sucks because I'll take a few days off from exercise and feel so much better, but within 5 minutes of exerting myself, I'm in pain again.

    Overall, I'm struggling right now because exercise was the one area that I felt like I was doing good. Now that I can't do it, it's all kind of gone to hell.

    I am so excited about melon and berries too though. And I'm excited about all of the wonderful veggies that I'm growing in my backyard.

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  • Yea, I let myself enjoy lots of goodies on Friday night...then proceeded to not hydrate for pretty much the next day and then grubbed on some delish ribs on Sunday. I didn't feel too guilty since our sides with the ribs were all veggies ;) 

    I was a little down on myself today during a run because I was so winded...only to find out that I was pushing myself harder than usual and was running a faster pace than I have in a very, very, long time!! GO ME!! :)  

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