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3rd Trimester

Here's to hoping!

That tonight I will not have to pee every hour! I just don't GET IT! I stay hydrated all day and don't pee much, but then at night I have to pee all the time! Good practice for when baby girl comes (the having to get up multiple times a night part).

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Re: Here's to hoping!

  • I'm assuming you're sleeping on your side. This takes the weight of your uterus off of your aorta and renal arteries, allowing better blood flow to your kidneys, which results in more urine formation! I know that answer doesn't help you get any more sleep, but it's an explanation. :)

    Jess & Adam, married 2009, precious Audrey born in 2011. BFP 1/6/13, 6-wk MMC discovered at 9 wks 2/11/13. D&C 2/18/13, second D&C 4/23/13 for retained placenta.
    BFP 8/24/13!! EDD 5/1/14, delivered healthy and sweet Zoey Leanne on 5/5/14 by repeat c-section.
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  • I hear you! It is making me crazy esp since it kinda hurts to get up and around. I had back and hip problems before I was pregnant so having to get up and pee then get comfortable again is becoming annoying...

    Good Luck to you tonight! 

  • I feel your pain, I'm the same way! I love you baby girl's name, by the way!

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