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Activities/Ideas for a 2nd bday party with a luau theme?

I'm at a creative slump. Tay's 2nd bday party is coming up in about 3 weeks (yikes!) and I have so much planning left to do!

We're doing a luau theme at our house. 

Does anyone have any ideas of activities to have set up for the kids? (most are 3.5 years or younger). There will be a few older kids too (age 6-7).

How about food ideas? I'm not going to roast a pig or whatever, but any ideas would be awesome! I'm at such a creative slump! 

Any ideas about anything luau/2nd bday party related are much appreciated, TIA!


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Re: Activities/Ideas for a 2nd bday party with a luau theme?

  • EmmieBEmmieB member

    limbo and hula dancing come to mind (hula hoops? too old?) but I've never been to a luau...


    good luck!

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  • Hawain Pizza? 
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  • We just had a luau theme for Gem's b-day. We had hot dogs and a potluck. For activites, We had bubbles, side walk chalk and a picture corner set up.
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  • Cha-ching!  I'm your girl!

    Luau theme, so Hawaiian pulled bbq pork.  BBQ sauce and pork loin (or whatever cut you want, shoulder, etc), crockpot it til it shreds up.  Serve it on those mini Hawaiian rolls with pickles.  YUM. Easy, pre-prep-able, pretty cheap.  LOVE.

    Sides do pineapple, if you want to be fancy grill the pineapple on skewers.  Chicken skewers are another good thing.  Potstickers as well for an appetizer.  Hawaiian macaroni salad as well (just macaroni, grated onions and carrots, mayo, salt & pepper, let it fridge for a day or two, it's better that way!). 

    For activities and ideas look on Oriental Trading, I just did a fiesta and I got some great stuff from there.  You could do a hula hooping contest to "Wipe Out" and maybe teach a hula dance?!?!  Make a palm tree craft?  

    Get lots of lei's!!  SO fun!!


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  • I've done my share of luaus :) Couple random different things I've done... - hire hula dancers to teach the group the hula. Not as elaborate as it sounds, I did it for a backyard birthday party for DHs bday ages ago and it cost a 50 dollar donation and it was a blast! - live fish centerpieces, cheap goldfish bowls, decorate the inside, I used sand, colored shells and mini plastic surf boards. Gave them away to guests at the end. - beach cupcakes, so cute! I have pictures if you are interested, half blue frosting, half graham cracker crumb sand, gummy flip flops and mini umbrellas. -build a sandy beach! One party I made a huge area (tarp down first) around a blue kiddie pool where I had the drinks in ice. I've also done smaller areas, make sure to have sand toys because kids will be in it! - for Js 1st bday we did a surfing theme but there were some details that could work for luau. We had a beach boys band, which actually was just as affordable as most party attractions like bounce houses, just found them on cl :) hung beach balls from the beach towels on the ground for people to sit on in the present area...

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  • I didn't have a true luau theme but for my boys' 2nd b-day (fish theme) we had some blow-up pools, sprinklers and beach balls all over the backyard. I also had sugar cookies decorated as starfish and other fish. Cupcakes had lifesaver gummies to look like life preservers and shark fins coming out of the water. :) I had a fish bowl with blue jello and fish floating around. We also did a version of a vintage surf theme and it mostly an easy going playdate (weather turned out icky so all the kiddos played inside while the mommies got to visit). 

    How about having a station where kids can decorate sugar cookies shaped like different luau themed things (palm tree, fish, flowers)? Or maybe make leis or see if there is a luau or beach themed craft kit from Michaels? Or have the kiddos make tiki masks. I'm sure you can Google and find some print outs and then have the kiddos color, put stickers or whatever. 

  • OMG! These ideas are spectacular! I love the idea of the coloring kits, photo corner set up and the pulled pork ideas!

    Thank you Thank you THANK YOU!

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