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speaking of bottles...

I know it was asked on here before, but I didn't want to go through and find it...


When should I wash and sterilize my bottles? She's coming out in 9 days (or less) then I'll have about 4 days in the hospital, so we're talking about 2 weeks before she's actually using the bottles. Should I just have hubby put them all in the dishwasher when I'm in the hospital? I feel like I should have them ready now for some reason. 



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Re: speaking of bottles...

  • Have him do them while you are in the hospital... or you can get the medela bags and do them in the microwave a 1/2 hour before your first feeding at home...
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  • If you've got a microwave sterilizer, it takes less that 5 minutes. You or your husband can do that as soon you get home from the hospital.
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