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I registered for a breathable bumper, but I am missing the decoration of a traditional bumper. Did any of you get a bumper for the crib as an early decoration, then take it out when you started to put your LO in the crib? Is this a total waste of money? Are any of you doing this?
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  • We're going to skip the decorative one and just do the breathable. I will be getting/making a crib skirt to add some frill to all 4 sides instead.
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  • To me, total waste of money, but I'm a second time mom and I have a been there, done that attitude.  There are so many other things you can spend that money on in your nursery that are permanent decorations or are functional/necessary baby items.  If it is important to you as a first time mom to have that complete beautiful nursery feeling though, by all means go for it.  It's your money.  :-)

    Honestly, I tried the breathable bumpers with DS and felt those were a waste of money too.  A bumper just wasn't necessary and it just ended up being a pain when you need to change sheets (sometimes in the middle of the night).  I can count on one hand the number of times DS has gotten his arm or leg stuck in the crib bars (no harm), and he's been in a crib for 17 months now.

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  • I used the decorative bumper until LO arrived.  It looked good in our nursery progress pics.  

    We're using a breathable bumper right now, and might use the decorative one again when she's older (I have a convertible crib and I've seen pics of decorative bumpers used on the headboard??).

  • We actually went through this same debate.  We did buy the bumper that went with our bedding set from PBK because it was so cute.  Once we got the nursery furniture and started putting the bedding on, I just couldn't justify keeping a $60 bumper only for "decoration".  And, with the sheet and skirt the crib looks just fine.    We went ahead and registered for a breathable bumper that will match our set. 
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  • Complete waste of money and most importantly not safe!  There are plenty other accessories that can make up for no bumper - safety will always be first and foremost with us so it was never an option.  DH is a police officer and sits through mandatory training with the Medical Examiner every year and every year he hears the same advice - NO BUMPERS(breathable are ok) and no sleeping with baby in your bed.  Plus, he has answered some extremely horrific calls having to do with both issues. 
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