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Anyone want to buy my tickets or know anyone that would be interested? I obviously bought these before I knew I would be 6 months pregnant by the time of the concert! lol PM me if you are interested & for more details!

(New Kids on the Block / Backstreet Boys Concert? June 3rd Verizon center.

& yes I know how Lame I am for buying these Embarrassed haha!

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  • I cant go june 3rd but I just wanted to say you are not lame for buying them...I went to NKOTB the last 2 times they were here...haha and once I was pg, you will be fine if you want to go...what are you worried about with the pregnancy? there were TONS of pregnant moms there both times, I was only 16 weeks the 2nd time I went but there were many mom's about to pop...I say just go, it was so much fun:-)



  • Yes, go and have fun!!!

    I agree with PP, there were a ton of pregnant!

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  • If you're lame, I am too. I'll be there rocking my 6 month belly the whole way. Mamma needs a girls night out.
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  • Dear Leahanna,

    Dude, go. I was totally knocked up at their first DC show (2008). And the Charlotte show a few weeks later. JoeMac has even commented in an interview that the biggest difference between their fans from ages ago and today is now they look out in the audience and they see mamas holding their bellies as they are dancing.

    Doooo eeeeeeeettttttt. I was at the Chicago show two nights ago and had an awesome time.

    New Kids, New Babies,


  • Lame???  Are you kidding????  My sis and I have tix too!!!!   I understand not wanting to go at 6 months along.  Last time I saw them I was 8 weeks and it was a little exhausting.  Good luck!

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  • UMMMMMM...GO!!!!!!!! Go immediately. I am insanely jealous. If I didn't have a newborn I'd take those tickets in a heartbeat. 

    Rock out with your belly. Do not be ashamed. There is no lame in NKOTB love. 

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