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Intro and Raleigh/Cary hospital question

Hey! I just found out I'm PG with my first, almost 8 weeks along. I moved to the area little over a year ago, so I don't know a lot about the hospitals. Does anyone know which hospitals are the "better" ones to birth at? I know back in FL some hospitals were known for not being conducive with natural births because there were laboring "time limits". Just wanted to get a feel for things.


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Re: Intro and Raleigh/Cary hospital question

  • I'm not sure about the "natural" part of it.  But I do know that some of the midwife centers might be what you are looking for it. 

    I know that Rex does not have bath tubs...wish they did.  I have heard that helps a lot when you are in labor.

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  • Your place of delivery is dependent totally on which care provider you go to.  Everyone will have their own opinion of which hospital is "best," but at least there's only 3 in the Raleigh/Cary area - WakeMed, WakeMed Cary, and Rex.  They all have their pros and cons and I don't think that any one of them is better than the other.  As for which will be more conducive to a "natural" childbirth and whether or not there are laboring limits, again, I think this is up to your care provider. It may also depend on the type of labor nurse you get as some are more supportive of natural childbirth than others and you can request one when you arrive at the hospital.  If you haven't picked a care provider, then when you interview potential ones, ask them what their (the doctor/midwife AND their practice partners) beliefs and practices are in relation to pain management, laboring techniques and timing, etc.  I will say that Triangle OB in Cary is the ONLY practice in Wake Co. that has midwives WHO DELIVER.  I have friends who have been there and were pleased.  I personally interviewed them and wasn't blown away. 

    FYI - I live in Raleigh and I go to UNC Midwives and will be delivering in Chapel Hill.  Yes, it's a 30 min drive, but I want to have as natural a childbirth as possible with the least amount of interventions and we found that the midwives at UNC were the best fit for us.  All of the things that I would have had to request and HOPE the doctor (an OB practice in Raleigh) and hospital (WakeMed) would accommodate me on, are all standard/normal procedure for the midwives at UNC.

    Good luck!

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    Not sure if you are interested in driving to Chapel Hill but I agree with the PP. UNC is a great hospital to have a baby at (I am a L+D nurse there and had my baby there). The midwives (and most of the nurses) are very supportive of natural labor and are very good at helping you cope and helping you achieve the labor and delivery you want. We have wireless fetal monitors so that you can move freely during labor and also have tubs in about half of the rooms that you can labor in. (we do not do water births.) Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any questions.

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  • The Birth Center is Chapel Hill is AAAMAzing.  I was transferred to UNC and would have surely had a c-section if it was not for my god send of a midwife that helped me deliver vaginally. I agree that if the birth center is not your cup of tea it is worth the drive to Chapel Hill to go to UNC hospital.  The staff there was incredibly supportive of natural birth and breastfeeding.


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