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Is anyone around?? I think Im paranoid..

I stopped bleeding Friday night. I only started on Tuesday/Wednesday, so I don't think I bled enough for starters, but I was only 5w2d when it all started. 

I dont feel good tonight. I took my temp and it was 98.6 an hour ago and now its 99.9.  Its not extremely high, but high for me. I also feel like a pinching, pulling sharp constant pain in my girly bits going into the inside of my legs. Im also pretty nauseous and lightheaded.

Am I just being paranoid or could there be something going on?

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Re: Is anyone around?? I think Im paranoid..

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    Are you getting the chills? I would call med advice/doctor and see what they think. They told me if I had a fever/chills to go into the ER right away. It could be an infection.
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  • Hi. My miscarriage also started on Tuesday. I mainly bled on Tuesday and then had spotting. My spotting has mostly stopped. I would say it stopped on Friday. I don't feel well also. I feel like I have been hit by a truck and also have periods where I feel a bit feverish, lightheaded, and nauseous. I am just totally exhausted. I think it is the combination of the physical shock on the body, the emotional impact, and the hormones. I do feel worse this weekend though... I think it is normal but if I still feel as sick tomorrow as I did today I plan to call my doctor. I have also had pain going into my legs... not fun I know. If you haven't seen a doctor, definitely go, because the main thing is ruling out an ectopic pregnancy. My doc has me doing bloodwork to make sure the HCG is going down. I hope you feel better. I totally understand the anxious feeling... after our bodies totally going against what we expected I think it is normal to feel so nervous about what is happening. It really helped to hear someone else is feeling the same way I am... I hope this helps!
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