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which one??

which of these should I use for a thank you card?

unfortunately I don't have any w/out a ball, it was the only way to keep him still for a second!

they are named: 1, 1a, 2, 3, 4 - the difference b/w 1 and 1a is that I photo-edited the diaper out from 1 into 1a.



Re: which one??

  • So cute!!! I like 1a.  In 3 and 4 the thanks looks a little blurry. 
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  • yes, the face was in focus so the "thanks" came out blurry and I didn't even use my portrait lens. He's so hard to photograph nowadays *sigh*


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  • I like 3.  There's a little smile and you can se his personality.  Very cute!  I have a million pictures of the top of DS's head.  He's too busy to be photographed.

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  • i also LOVE 1a...what an adorable idea!!!!
  • I actually like 1 best. I think the little bit of diaper is cute, and I prefer the smoother look at the bottom of the shirt above the diaper.

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  • I also like 1a.  My only other thought is I know with my family they like to see the kids' faces/eyes in photos more than anything else.  For that I like number 4 - he has a cute expression on his face and even though the thanks is blurry you still get the idea of the card.
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  • Cute idea! I like 1a too.
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  • ditto 1a.  great idea!
  • 1 and the last one are my favorites.  So adorable.
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    All of them are cute but 1a is my favorite - it looks like he's really putting the blocks together rather than them just being there. 
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  • I like 1a
  • What a cutie!  Another vote for 1a.
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