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Rest Sweet Baby.

I am looking for some support on how to help my sister. She lost her baby boy Gabriel Michael yesterday 05/28/11 at 10:25 pm. She was 16 weeks yesterday. She had a UTI/Bladder infection, which landed her in the ER on Saturday night, was released with medication (baby was fine, heartbeat was found, had ultrasound done, which was said baby was good), but the infection was too much as of yesterday around 4. I have only gotten parts of what happened from my mom. I live out of state, so its hard not be there in an instant. I am leaving soon to be with her. I was told her water broke, yesterday sometime, and she was having contractions, so they gave her IV antibiotics and pitocin. My nephew was born alive, but passed a short time later. My sister is a wonderful Mommy. I told her she is an amazing mommy. They chose to have the baby baptized. Now I am waiting to hear any further plans. My heart just breaks more and more that I can't be there for my sister and my nephew. She was due on 11/11/11.

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  • I'm so sorry for your sisters loss. She's lucky to have you. For me when I had a miscarriage a few weeks ago what I appreciated was the effort.  Even if it was a simple "how are you feeling" meant a lot to me.

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  • I agree, it's definitely the effort that counts.  I've had two miscarriages and there's really nothing you can say or do that will make her feel better.  Just let her know that you understand how big of a loss it is and that you're there.  Don't try and say anything to make her feel better.  It didn't matter what people said to me, it just never seemed to be something helpful.  "You'll get pregnant again soon" or "It just wasn't meant to be" etc. etc. just seemed hurtful.
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