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bubble bath- recommend

So we are out of bubble bath and Katie wants some. She is 3 now and I am going to go see whats out there. I know there is lots of fun stuff but i am afraid of it drying her out or breaking her out. Got any recommendations of anything?



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Re: bubble bath- recommend

  • We use Jason's Organics bubble bath. They have a Vanilla and a Lavender scent :)


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  • We used California Baby bubble bath that someone gave DD as a gift.  After just one use she had a lot of irritation in her, ahem, nether regions.  Her pediatrician said that they don't recommend that little girls use any kind of bubble bath because it can cause urinary tract infections and vaginal irritation. :(
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  • We use CA baby and love it but the Earths Best is also great. I think the CA baby gives you more bubbles.
  • image fjaril:

    We use Jason's Organics bubble bath. They have a Vanilla and a Lavender scent :)


    I was going to recommend this Earth's Best one too. We got the vanilla, and I really like both the scent and the fact that only a little is needed to make a lot of bubbles. 

    We tried the Method Baby kind, but it wasn't very bubbly.

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  • Ditto MRSJulieT

    I haven't tried with Lucas because I was unsure if it would cause him any issues...

    Are little boys usually ok with bubble bath as opposed to girls?

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