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Waiting 3 weeks and hcg continues to rise. Sick of waiting.

At 6 weeks, I had an ultrasound and the dr saw an empty sac.  He wasn't overly concerned, thought maybe my dates were off and had me come back in a week.  At 7 weeks, the sac was still empty and it was diagnosed a missed m/c.  I would now be 9 weeks, 3 days and I am STILL waiting for a natural m/c.  My hcg levels are still rising:

5/11: 3600

5/13: 4700

5/20: 11,000

5/25: 13,600

5/27: 14,077

I realize that these are not the numbers of a healthy pregnancy, but I am getting frustrated that they won't start going down.  On 5/21, I had a higher level ultrasound which showed the empty sac in the uterus and nothing in the tubes or outside the uterus.  My doctor seems to think they are plateauing and it should happen naturally soon.  I got a second opinion from a different OB, who agrees with my dr, but thinks that a D&C wouldn't be unreasonable at this point, possibly followed up by methotrexate if needed.

 I am just SO sick of waiting.  I've been dealing with this for 3 weeks and I just want closure.  I've had spotting after my exams, but nothing consistent.  It has gone from brown to pink, but is still starting and stopping.

 Has anyone else experienced something like this?   How long did you wait?  I think if nothing has happened by Tuesday, I am going to request the D&C.  I can't take much more of this.

Re: Waiting 3 weeks and hcg continues to rise. Sick of waiting.

  • I too was told the sac was empty at 8 weeks - I have not had any follow up appts or 2nd opinions... it was clear on the u/s. I decided not to wait, but since my levels were "high" (dont know exact levels), my dr. said it could be up to 6 weeks (which could possibly put me at 14 weeks!) Ummm no thank you! I opted for a D&C which I have coming up this Wednesday. I feel like you about the waiting - it's only been 4 days and it's miserable. 

     Good luck with the wait or the D&C, whichever you decide. Feel free to message me about blighted ovum - I've been doing research all week and feel like I'm finally coming to grips with it. 

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    I'm not as far along as you, but I've had some wacky, albeit low, hcg levels, too. My doctor gave me the choice of D&C, methotrexate, or wait and see if I miscarry naturally. I had a D&C with my last loss, and even though it wasn't bad, I want to avoid another one if I can because of the risk of scarring. When I talked to my doctor about the methotrexate, it sounded kinda scarry...she basically described it as chemo. So for now I am waiting and hoping I start bleeding soon. I hope it happens soon for you too.
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    I was told at 8 weeks that the pregnancy had failed to progress past 6. My BhCG levels were 38000 one day, 45000 the next then 35000 on the third. 

    It took 2 weeks for the referral to the early pregnancy loss clinic to be processed and by the time I saw them I had already started spotting.  I was given the option of medically induced miscarriage or D&C.  I had started spotting about 6 days before I was seen at the clinic so opted for the medication. It is less invasive but I would be better able to control the timing.  However, I think I just  miscarried naturally (which happened the day before I was supposed to take the medication). 

    I think with the blighted ovum it can take a very long time for your body to respond.  I had a missed miscarriage and it took about 3 weeks from when the pregnancy stopped for my body to start to respond and then a week more. 

     The waiting is hard, which is why I chose to take the meds, but as it turns out may not need them.




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  • I lurked here for a week before we knew for certain that the pregnancy was not viable. I saw that some women had waited for weeks for the pregnancy to end. I knew that I couldn't handle that waiting and I was anxious to move on as fertility and age are factors. I opted for manual uterine aspiration (like a D&C, but less extensive) and scheduled for the next day. I hope something happens soon so that you can begin the process of moving on. 
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  • I waited for 10 days with NO signs of anything happening on it's own, just like you--only minor spotting after exams. I took the meds and it's been incredibly long and drawn out, much  more than I thought. If I could go back and do it over, I would ask for the D&C right away. Like you said, the waiting is just killer and I want to move on already. 

    It's obviously your decision to make, but if/when you do start to lose the baby (naturally, or meds) it can be a very long process. I'm going on 3.5 weeks of bleeding substantially now, my hcg is dropping but not yet where it needs to be. I keep thinking that the surgery would have been so much faster that I could be looking at the return of my cycle by this point, instead of the never ending bleeding process.  

    Good luck deciding and hang in there. 

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    my first loss was similar, my dr doesn't say the levels, but mine were increasing, but not double as they should.  Because my body was not recongnizing the loss I was recommended to have a D&C.  I was just about 8 weeks at the time of the D&C and have been waiting over 2 wks at the time.  By the point of the recommendation I had not started spotting, and did not have most of my PG symtons.  My second loss I m/c naturally, although I liked that better if you body shows no sign, I would suggest the D&C to help close this painful chapter you are going through.  Many hugs. 

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  • Thank you for all of your advice and input.  My hcg was still up today so I am having D&C tomorrow morning.


  • Good luck with your D&C, everything will go just fine.  I had a d&c and my numbers were still going up.  I jumped from 76,000 to 202,000.  They looked and I had a molar pregnancy.  I had another d&c 2 weeks later and then 2 shots of methotrexate.  It wasn't that bad, the shots didn't hurt and I didn't have any side effects from it.  I have been getting my numbers checked and I hit a plateau so they gave me 2 more shots of methotrexate last week.  I just got the call today that my numbers dropped from 46.9 last week to 25 as of yesterday.  I go again in 48 hours to get checked again.  If you have any questions about the methotrexate please feel free to message me.  Good luck to you!

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