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Sacramento or Roseville OB's? (rec needed!)

Hi ladies,

 I just found out i'm KTFU! I have to choose an OB, and my to choices are Roseville or Sacramento. I have a list of like 30 to choose from, but i'm hoping you could give me a recommendation.

Camellia woman's health medical group is one of the only "chain" groups, the rest are individual doctors. 

Most of them don't seem affiliated with large hospitals, mostly small practices.

Re: Sacramento or Roseville OB's? (rec needed!)

  • My OB is with Camellia Women's Health (Dr. Schwarz). I see her at the downtown office. I like her, but I just found out that she is the only one at that office besides a TERRIBLE NP. I've been to the Carmichael office too, and it is super ghetto, but I think there are more doctors always at that office. I was under the impression that I would have more access to all of the doctors in that practice. I'm getting ready to bail, I have not decided where I'm going yet. I've also seen Dr. Finnegan at River City Something, I really liked her and the office is okay. A lot of the Sacramento girls on this board swear up and down about Sutter, if you can, you should look into them.

    Good luck & congratulations!

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  • I am one of the swear-up-and-downers about Sutter.  Dr. Darcy Ketchum delivered both my kids via c/s, and I love her and I love the whole practice.  Bonus, they are on Capitol Ave right across from Cafe Bernardo and they have free valet parking.  Book your appointments around lunch or breakfast!!

    Good luck!

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  • There's a Camellia Women's Health in Granite Bay!  That's where I used to go before I switched to Kaiser and before I had my baby.  I would agree the Carmichael office is super ghetto.  I went there once and immediately switched to the Granite Bay office.  It is very nice and I have seen several of the doctors and NPs at that office.  I never had one I didn't like.   Dr. David Lerner and Dr. Lisa Sundberg were my favorites.  

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  • My dr is Dr. Riley - she's sutter and I loved her.
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  • Dr. Lehr is amazing! I will only go to him. He is with Methodist Hospital in Sac. 
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  • Thank you all so much!!

     I checked my list of available doctors, and Lisa Sundberg was on the list!

    Unfortunately, Sutter isn't available... =X 

  • Dr Raju or Dr Gordon practice at Mercy.  Both are great.
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  • I am at UC Davis in Roseville (but will deliver in Sac) Dr. Najad is AWESOME!!!! she is young and has two small children so she is very easy to relate to.  Good luck and congratulations!
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